Is Very Good

I have just got a fat girlfriend and she is everything I have dreamed of, so luxuriously soft and cuddly, love her to bits and the sex is awesome, love the feel of the chubby p*ssy.
Big girls are soo good, folk who knock it should try it, i have just 'come out' with liking the larger ladies and am so proud of being with her :-)
wetnsquishy wetnsquishy
31-35, M
8 Responses Apr 1, 2012

I love thick woman

I agree big girls are hot.

For any friends who may be interested, I've just put up a photo I sneaked of her the other night! Naked *** on show...

Lucky man.

As long as she's willing to experiment and try new things, stay with her. Too many woman (not sure about men) are to uptight about trying out new things in sex.

She has just found out i like 'pee play'... and is ok with that... not the full story and she is not on the band wagon herself but said she didn't rule out trying it in future, so for a relationship less than a month old is all good!!!

I am fat and my husband wants to watch me with another man.....

Does she know you like wetting?