I Want To **** Another Man

for some time i have wondered, whats it like to **** another man i am a straight guy but want the experiance .

but the problem is if possiable men from south east london would be a great chance as i live near there, i had an experiance when i was younger

but dident go all the way now i want to try it again this time may be penatration.


secretad secretad
51-55, M
7 Responses Mar 24, 2010

like you to do it to me.

thank u sendittome, i will keep every one posted on my adventures, getting quite heavy booked up already for some good shagging in fact i have a 5hr session this weds,

i am now getting a lot of experience now almost a **** a week, already getting booked up for january, and also doing it bareback is a wounderfull feeling, after a few pushes in and out then start to feel the *** surgeing out of my **** and in to the ***, its really exciting

i have now done it 3 times and its like a drug cant get enough of it now

to anyone in this group " i am going 2 get my chance to **** a man on monday " cant wait

thanks friend, that would be kind of you yes i would like you to get your friends here to contact me<br />
also where in the uk they are

so please any man from the south east london area contact me