Poker Night

When i was 13 i used to help dad with his poker games, id keep everyone with fresh beers and plenty of chips and snacks. This night turned out a bit different. It was getting late so i had changed into my pajamas consisting of one of dads tshirts and my panties and was curled up on the couch in case the men needed anything. They were pretty drunk and were getting rowdy so i expected dad to send them home soon.. I had drifted off when i felt dad pick me up believing he was carrying me to bed i just snuggled close but instead he carried me into the dining room and sat me on the table and began to pull my shirt up. By this time dad had shared me with a few friends so i thought nothing of it but then as i was sitting nude on the table my dad said alrite boys shes all yours. I looked around a little shocked as i noticed every man there had his pants down and their dicks in hand. I felt hands all over me pushing and pinching, as a **** was pressed to my lips i automatically opened my mouth as my best friends daddy started to **** my mouth hard. A couple pillows were brought in and put under my head so i was laying propped as i went back and forth between two men with my mouth. All of a sudden i felt someone grasp my hips and a **** enter my ***** after all three men had *** on my face and chest and in me i was flipped over and three more took their place but instead of my ***** one was in my tight *******. At the same time two other men were were stroking themselves while watching and by the end of this i was covered in *** from the men who had jacked themselves over me my mouth ***** and *** were full as well.

It was a wonderful time and from then on ive always wanted to **** each and everyone of my dads friends. It never happened like that again but man i wish it had i loved the feel of all their hands on me and all those ***** to please i loved knowing i was being used for sex and the feelings it gave me.
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5 Responses May 12, 2012

Glad you had fun.

I guess you were the bet? :-)

Thanks for all this. I like you and your stories so much! Can you add me?)

Nice!!!!!!!!! Turned me on so much

Beautiful story ......