Thank You,

I would like to thank you all for joining. I would love to be ****** by all of you.
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12 Responses Aug 5, 2010

i love you for who you are and never want you to change

DirtyBaby I like you for exactly who you are, don't change a thing. I would love to watch you poop and **** your panties before I cleaned you up and ****** you senseless in your ***** and your *** until I *** in your ***** and help you clean it out if you like

where and when hun :-)

Hi DB,<br />
<br />
Just joined :-) I know that EP is full of stories about people's likes and desires. But if I had the chance to **** you all night, I'd focus on what pleases you the most. You being happy is important. <br />
<br />

I would love to **** you over and over and over again and the more pee and poop the better. I would love to have you sit in my lap and let go in your pants.

I think you are one awesome woman. My Absolute favorite is a woman who likes poop on thier puss.<br />
I so wish you would let me lick it all off of your puss nice and slow and then you can cover it with poo<br />
again so I can lick it off again...I really would like to know you. I could be your favorite toilet paper ; )

I'm not a big fan of poop on your puss but I definatly like it in your pants! I wouldn't mind helping you clean it up either.

Most definately. :-)

Oh, really!!!! Hows about in a airplane?

i'm all yours! need a plane ticket?

sounds good anytime you come east

Me first!