Dressing Room Selfies.

I am a poser, lets get that straight, and i like to indulge myself by taking photos in various poses and different surrounds but I always seem to wonder back to the Dressing Rooms at the local mall. If I have to run errands I will usually find that my mind is distracted with thoughts of exposing myself in the semi secured Dressing rooms and as I drive and get closer to the complex the wetter my folds seem to be. It arouses me as i think about squatting leg spread and ***** showing, what really arouses me is the thought that there are people close by, just behind the curtain are other customers and at any moment the curtain could reveal me.  I often think of that. they are young in their late twenties slender in build, attractive and well groomed and as they watch me expose and tease myself they too become aroused and  I ********** myself in the cubicle where they watch me                 
  So today I went to the shopping complex and as I made my way to the Dressing Rooms I could feel the moisture building as my thighs rubbed together with each step, even the walking aroused me, I entered the store and picked up a long white scarf and headed for my favorite cubicle.  I couldn’t wait to thrust my **** forward towards the mirror as I took photos of myself and as I opened my legs and gave myself a slight teasing with fingers up and down my now glistening soaked folds I felt my arousal build more and squatted down to give myself a better view of my swollen wet and open *****, as I squatted down my inner lips were hanging in the middle, so pretty and neat. I snapped a few more pics and so wanted to please myself to climax but decided to head back to the car, go home and have a **** instead.

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I wish I could wander past your cubicle with the curtain slightly ajar and catch a glimpse of your exposed buttock cheeks protruding from your red dress and get aroused by your wet glistening ***** reflected in the mirror as you take your picture. x Thank you for sharing.

need more pictures , you got me hotter than hell. I would ********** in a dressing room, but would leave seamen all over the place and someone may slip and fall.

Mmmmmmm yessssssss

Can just imagine spotting you ************ furtively in public, and trying desperately not to join in

I'd so like to be the guy (I pretty much for your desired description!) to see you and watch you bring yourself off... ;)


Awwww nice
Very nice

You're a real hottie I'd love to know where you shop please Add me so that I can see your photos😘

Awesome and great link!

What are you like ? Lovely xx

DAMN! You have so exceeded your allotment of hotness. What do they feed you down. I'm all shaky again, thank you.

Oh wow that was great

Always love it when you show off that pretty ***** of yours, especially when squatting with your legs spread wide.

Beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing.

So very beautiful and inviting !

Given me something nice to think about for the rest of the day :)