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Come Play With Me, Daddy...

I have very naughty daddy-daughter fantasies.. I want to find an older man to play with me, teach me how to be a good girl, show me what happens when I'm naughty...
Maybe you need to punish me by letting your friends watch. Or mommy.
What do you do when you find me in my bed, putting my doll's arm in my young, smooth, wet *****? Do you watch me? Do you punish me?
Play with me, Daddy....
Whynot78 Whynot78 31-35, F 7 Responses Aug 4, 2013

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Daddy will spank you bare bottom when he is naked. So you can see his erection. But you can't touch it. Touch it and you are naughty. So more spanking.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... that so sexXxy

Love to be "daddy"

Spank, Spank.

Little girl needs a spanking. ;-)

you just go ahead and enjoy yourself dear, daddy will too, just as soon as he takes his pants off. daddy shaves, he's as smooth as your are, at least "down there". See?

Yes I'll take care you baby girl.