Gave Dad's Friend Head

For a couple of years I could tell that Dad's friend, Paul, had the hots for me. Sometimes he'd make it obvious by oogling at my breasts or watching me bend over but other times it was much more subtle, just a hot sexy energy between us or a slight uncomfortability. Sometimes I'd notice him adjusting himself after talking to me or watching me for several moments.
One weekend, we were all headed to the campsite we frequented and the car my dad and stepmom were taking was packed very full. I could tell they were having an arguement so i wasn't surprised when they asked me to drive with Paul. I ran upstairs before he came over and put on my bikkini top and a short pleated skirt. I could tell Paul was very pleased when my parents asked him if I could ride up to camp with him and as soon as we got into the car, his eyes were roaming over my body. I giggled and pushed out my large ****, catching his eye to let him know I enjoyed his gaze.
"You're going to drive all the men wild up at camp wearing something like that." He commented after we made our way onto the highway.
"What do you mean?" I asked feigning stupidity
"Showing off those nice **** of your's.I'm surprise your Dad lets you wear somethiing like that."
"He's too busy arguing with Carla to notice what I wear. Plus, I kind of like it."
"What? Teasing men?"
"Yeah, it's fun to know their ***** get all hard looking at me in a bikkini."
He laughed, "and what do you know about hard ****?"
"Oh, I know some." I said, acting important
"Like what?"
"You rub them or lick them and white stuff comes out and it feels really good. Men want this all the time."
"How many ***** have you rubbed and licked?" He asked in a way that was unmistably curious as to whether he could get his cocked rubbed or licked by me.
"Enough to know what to do." I said in my sexiest voice.
Several long moments passed where he was diving his attention between the road and my body.
"You want me to show you?" I asked and put my hand on the bulge beneath his khaki shorts.
"Oh **** yes"he said and scooted down in his seat to give me better access.
I unbuttoned his shorts and slid down the zipper. I put my hand inside his boxers and removed a **** that was growing in size. He made encouraging noises as I ran my fingers up and down his shaft, reaching down and grabbing his balls, playing with them and longing to feel them in my mouth.
I fisted my hand around the base of his **** and began to slowly stroke him. His concentration on the road was waning and his right hand grabbed my right breast, squeezing my large *** and he moaned about how hot I was.
I stroked his **** for several minutes while he felt my **** and squeezed my nipples, eventually removing my bikkini top after ensuring my dad and stepmom were far ahead of us.
"****, I can't take this. I'm gonna have to pull over" he said when his **** was achingly hard and an angry purple-red. the veins were sticking out and i longed to feel them on my tongue.
he pulled over to a rest stop and parked the car. He put his seat all the way back and put his right hand on the back of my head, urging my hot mouth towards his ****.
"Show me what you know, baby" he moaned and i took him in my mouth, caressing the head of his **** with my tongue and tasting every inch of him as he pushed me down on his **** over and over again. He moaned the entire time he was in my mouth and greedily played with my ****. he kept complaimenting me, telling me what a great **** sucker I was and how much he enjoyed being in my mouth. My mouth got sore and tired but he insisted he was almost there and wanted so very badly to *** in my mouth. At the height of his ecstacy, he brought his hips to my face and thrusted his **** in and out of my mouth several times while he released his *** in my mouth. i swallowed just as he asked and he was very impressed and grateful once he was done.
He had me put my top back on and placed his **** back into his pants, telling me it was the best ******* he'd ever had.
We arrived at the campsite and no one was the wiser. The next night while everyone else was sleeping, I gave Paul another ******* on my knees behind the showers but this time he very much wanted to unload himself all over my **** and then wiped his **** on my nipples. Paul and I continued to fool around for several years.
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