My Friend Wants Me to **** Her While He Watches

So this whole thing started a year or so ago.  My best friend, over beers, was telling me how his wife loves to give head.  It's NOT his thing and he just lets her do it sometimes.  I love getting a (good) *******... the conversation progresses and he ends up telling me that he would love to see his wife suck my ****.  He says he's not gay but that watching her get me hard, play with my **** and suck me off would be a really huge turnon for him.

His wife is really hot - not in the playboy or supermodel way but in the 'she jogs and is REALLY fit and could **** me hard for five hours' way.  I tell him that I'd love to see some pictures.  He says that he'd like to get me some but probably no way.

Fast forward about a year.

Out of the blue this friend says he has some really good pictures.  We can't meet up for a couple of days but when we do, it's worth the wait.  Awesome pics of his wife in all kinds of poses.  I don't know what he had to do for them but WOW.  She's hot.

His thing is that he would like to see her suck me off for a while.  We would each be on a side so whomever she wasn't sucking off at the moment the other one would be getting a hand job.  It sounds nice.  I told him that after a little of that I would like to bend her over and **** her doggy while he is watching - maybe he's sitting in a chair off to the side, maybe he's getting blown - whatever.  I'd also like to slip it in her *** - she's kind of a control freak so I think it would be nice to **** her up the *** too.

The best part is that when I'm ready to ***, I'd pull it out and *** in her mouth.   I've never had a BJ while I'm ******* but I think ******* in my best friend's wife's mouth after ******* the **** out of her would be the best ****** ever.

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I didn't realize it at when it first started but later realized it was a pride and ego thing with me. We were 26 & 22 when things started. After our first wife swapping, unplanned, adventure I guess that she subconsciously felt that it was OK with me to allow other men to feel her up at parties and dances, etc. And it was. She was much better looking and better built than any of my friends wives or girl friends. I was proud that she was so desireable. I felt that they were all envious of me. It fed my ego because I knew that she was mine. The ones that she invited to bed with us, always her choice, were blown away that they were going to get to **** her. Watching them explore her naked body, squeeze and suck her beautiful boobs, stroke her beautifull tanned legs, feel the firm softness of her fine *** and feel the soft hotness of her ***** and to see her respond while she played with both our ***** was a turn -on like no other to me. When she would guide the other man's **** into her hot *****, I knew that's what a lot of my friends yearned for and the one with us was a special friend because she had selected him to share our bed and her *****. Every one was stunned that it was happening. She would never discuss our events, but I believe that it made her feel good to be so desired. Our sex life was excellent but these events just added icing on the cake. I know that activities like this could have been disastrous but they weren't. We're still happily married many years later. Nothing bad ever came about as a result. We were both able to unconsciously detach physical pleasure from emotional entanglements.


Wow that is awesome. Nothing like seeing a strange **** in your wife

I loved seeing my wife get a few drinks and flirt at parties, watch her get enjoy getting felt up - just being a very desireable woman by other men. We did some swapping which was great but the ultimate experience was our first three some with a male friend/co-worker of mine. It was simply, unbelieveably, unreal awesome. The absolutely true story is on my profile. I wish we could do the same thing again today. We had a number of extramarital adventures, but our marriage was never affected in any way.

ok.. that's just hot.

My wife knows it turns me on to watch her flirt and play around with some of our close friends. We have played MFM ***** poker as well as FMF abd MFMF. Seems for us MFM is the hottest because I am a voyer and love to see me wife get turned on and *** with someone else once in a while. <br />
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These types of games are obviously not for everyone but it really works fo us and that's what's important.

I belong to a phone sex line where I have hooked up with numerous guys looking for someone to share their wife/girl friend.-----It still amazes me that there are so many guys who want to do this.-----Surprisingly, the girls are almost always pretty hot looking.-----And, most all of the guys just want to watch their wife get it from another guy.-----They usually sit back in a chair (as you described) and ********** while they encourage me to do all kinds of things to her.-----I expect that it's a turn-on for the guys, as kind of a control thing, thinking that they are forcing their wife to do sexual things.-----But, at the same time, the girls all seem to get really turned on by it, too.-----I haven't been able to really figure it out, but I definitely enjoy doing it.