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I Did **** My Buddy's Wife

Some years ago I used to spend quite a lot of time with a guy I was working with at the time. We played a lot of tennis together and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. Often I would eat dinner with him and his lovely wife. The three of us got along really well and shared a lot of laughs. We were all very comfortable together. After dinner we would often play cards or Trivial Pursuit or watch some tube. Usually the drinks would be flowing. Many times I got so wasted that my bud and his wife would insist that I not drive home, since I lived about 30 minutes away and local cops were real bastards.

On one such occasion, I had just ******** out of my clothes (I like to sleep in the buff) and was getting ready to slip under the covers downstairs on their couch when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I decided to delay getting into bed until I found out who was coming downstairs. I should mention that there had always been underlying sexual tension between Wendy and me, but until now neither of us had acted on it in any way other than teasing and innuendo. Sure enough it was Wendy. I pretended to be surprised, sat down on the couch and began to slowly gather the covers around myself. Meanwhile my **** was gradually coming to attention under Wendy’s attentive gaze. As she closed the distance between us, a sexy grin lit up her face.

“What a nice surprise”, she said with a purr in her voice, as she sat down beside me on the couch. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for months”, she continued, as she reached over and grabbed my now erect ****.

As I leaned over to kiss her, I mumbled “Well I hope it was worth the wait”!

Wendy passionately slipped her tongue in my mouth, while fondling my ****. She spoke the word “Absolutely” right into my mouth as we continued our passionate embrace.

Before long Wendy pulled her nightgown over her head leaving her in just some very sexy panties. I hungrily leaned down and began kissing and sucking her sweet little ****, causing her to moan loudly. Somewhat alarmed, I asked “Are you sure Paul’s asleep?”
“Forget about Paul”, she said, “I’ve got to have you inside me”.

Who could say no to that request? I quickly ******** off her soaking wet panties and started playing with her incredibly wet and hot *****. To this day, I don’t believe that I’ve ever felt another ***** that was that soaking wet. Her juices gushed down my hand and seemed to quickly cover my entire forearm down to the elbow. Her moans increased in intensity and volume. Suddenly she let out a little bark, sunk her teeth into my shoulder and proceeded to shake wildly while her ***** squirted all over my hand and arm. Her intense ****** lasted almost a minute, before she regained sufficient composure to breathe huskily into my ear, “Now **** me with that beautiful ****”!

Without further ado, she threw her leg over my crotch and wiggled her molten ***** down over my throbbing ****. I slipped into her hot wet ***** to the hilt on the first thrust. Wendy let out another animal wail and again shook like she was having an epilectic seizure, while once again spraying me with her pungent ***** juices. She began to ****** almost continuously, all the while moaning and thrashing about like a wild woman. Although I tried to control myself, I was swept up in the incredible eroticism of the moment, and the incredible sights, sounds, smells and feelings I was experiencing. I clamped my mouth over hers to muffle her screams and felt my **** burst into her molten womb with one of the most intense ******* of my life. This sent Wendy over the top into yet another orgiastic spasm which left her as limp as a ragdoll. A very sexy ragdoll!!

Wendy wrapped her arms tightly around me, while continuing to grind her ***** down on my slowly deflating ****. She kissed me hungrily, then purred in my ear, “I’m yours whenever you want me”. To this day it remains probably the most intense sexual experience of my life, followed closely by some of our many other subsequent couplings. This woman just couldn’t get enough of me and made me feel like a sexual god! She would **** or suck me anytime, anywhere. But those are stories for another time.
viking71 viking71 56-60, M 15 Responses Mar 7, 2012

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Wow! I almost came from just reading about it!! Got an pics of her?? Write some more stories!!! She sounds amazing.

No juicy pics of the hot Wendy, I'm afraid. Our torrid affair was a few years prior to the advent of digital photography. Thanks for the feedback!

Wow, a really sexy hot story. Please add.

yes I have been with a lady like her. didn't know more then one could exist. Most women tend to shy away when they get dripping wet, but to me the largest turn on for me. thank you for sharing this very hot story

That is a great story, do you still see her?

The affair went on for over a year. It reached the point where we were ******* each other more than our respective spouses. Even though the sex was GREAT, I didn't want to screw up my marriage or my friendship with Paul. So we mutually agreed to go back to being friends. Subsequently Paul got a new job halfway across the country and the temptation went away. But it sure was fun while it lasted!

A good woman!

he was just waiting for you to finish in her then he had his

Lusty thrills! That was a gas for you both I'm sure.

nice !

Da-zam!! That was a very hot, erotic story! I'd like to be your friend and see/learn more of your exploits!

Thanks Load of...

That is one hot story dude. Great work.

mmm love a sexy **** wife like that. The power of a viking.

hmmm wonder if i can make that sexy lady of yours as wet as wendy was i would love the chance to try, i bet i could cause i can stay hours munching down on a wet *****, and my lips seem to be attracted to juciy **** and hard nipples as well, great story man

Always nice to read stories about how real men **** other people's wives, thanks

Nice. Quick, wet and dirty........the best!

Hot story, I pictured Wendy as my wife and me sitting on the staircase watching you with my wife - it is my fantasy to see my wife with another man,,,,,,,