This happened some time ago. I was visiting one of my female friends that I had known since 7th grade. She was always petite and so very cute with a touch of sexy. Dark hair, blue eyes, she was a bit on the thin side but still sexy. 

I'll call her Teri for this stories sake. 

Anyway while I traveled the world, she stayed fell in love with a pathetic drunk red neck, later also crack and meth addict. They had a child together and eventually he went to jail for a long time. 

This happened before she found out about the drugs at the time she just thought he was a drunk. 

I would occasionally go hang out with her before I went out because here was a strange connection between us even though she was country and I was pretty much everything her racist father hated. 

One night we were in her enclosed porch drinking a few beers while her husband was inside watching wrestling or something half way done with a case of beer.  Their son was staying at Teri's in-laws house. 

The conversation turned to her asking me about my sexual conquests and me just telling her while she kept asking for more detail. I assumed her sex life was boring. 

Well her husband stumbled out and said he was going to bed. Fist pounded him and took my seat again. 

Teri always got his look in her eyes when we talked about sex. I know full well she has heard about my prowess because I ****** all her friends and her little sister at one point or another, even her married cousin. 

Tonight there was something different. I would typically leave around 9pm to got to a bar or club, but I felt I should stay, needed to stay. 

She asked me quite bluntly why I never made a move on her. My response was we were friends, but her response to that was that I ****** every other female friend I had. 

So I don't know what stopped me. With that she stood took a couple steps to where I was sitting and straddled me and began kissing me her hands on the back o my neck. My hands went to her hips and I pulled her closer to me as we made out so passionately. When we pulled away from the kiss it was like something clicked. We should have done this years ago!

We were thankful for the darkness and the screen because if it had been daylight anyone walking on the sidewalk would have seen what was happening. 

She said she felt my **** through my jeans and wanted to feel it. I lifted my *** off the chair and she helped me pull my pants down. I never wear underwear so my **** sprang out and I could hear her gasp at the sight. She grabbed my **** and squeezed some precum and brought it up to her mouth and licked it while staring into my eyes.   That was so damn sexy to me. 

She told me to hold still. She slid down off the chair and kneeled between my legs. My pants bunched up at my ankles. She started to give me great head.

It was hard to see her eyes but they were fixated on my eyes. It was so ******* great. she started using both hands to jerk me off while still sucking me. My hands instinctively moved to be sides of her head as I helped her along as she started to face **** herself on my ****. She didn't gag at all. I knew she didn't have a gag reflex from one of her exes, but I loved experiencing it for myself. 

I finally pulled her head up and kissed her telling her it was her turn. We took the cushions off her patio furniture and the porch swing and put it on the tiles floor. I pulled off her shorts, panties and tank top. Even after a kid she still had a great body. Her **** were never all that big, maybe a B, but they looked great inherent thin body. 

I leaned her back on the cushions and kissed my way from her neck down to her nipples sucking them they were so stiff and perfectly thick. I circled them with my tongue and sucked on them moving my hand down to her *****. 

Her breathing was getting heavy and I loved hearing her moan and whimper trying to keep quiet. I finally couldn't hold back any longer I was practically drooling to taste her *****. 

I slid down and licked her from her taint to her **** and back again. I payed special attention to her lips and ****. She tasted amazing. She grabbed my hair and I could feel her tensing up trying not to make noise.

I ended up holding her legs open so I could really focus on eating her out. I knew she never did anything anal from our talks so it started teasing her by going "too far" when I licked at her taint. 

She finally couldn't take it anymore and pulled me up by my hair kissing me hard and grabbed my **** guiding me into her. I asked her about a condom or if she was on the pill. She said no to both, but said she didn't care. 

I slid into her with one long slow stroke. I'm solar I got her ready because when a woman isn't wet enough it can hurt her and me. she grabbed my *** and pulled me in her deeper. She bit my shoulder and squealed when I was balls deep. Just as I was about to pull out a bit she squeezed me with her *****. It felt amazing. 

She was still quivering from the oral I gave her. I slowly started sliding in an out of her. I worked up to a fast medium pace and making sure to bottom out on her. I could feel my head hit her cervix every time and she squealed gripping me tight and biting into my shoulder more. That was going to leave a bruise. 

I could feel her starting to *** around my **** and she pulled me into her deeper as she turned and kissed me deep her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. 

She told me in no uncertain terms that she was ******* and wanted to feel me explode inside of her. That's all it took. I relaxed and pumped into her a few more times and just let myself go. 

I came and came and came more than I had in a while.   She kept her hands on my *** holding me deep inside of her. I stayed hard inside of her and told her to turn over. 

She looked confused, but did as I told her and got on her hands and knees. I pushed her down and spread her legs and licked my thumb to I could massage her ***. 

No I didn't **** her ***.

I began to start ******* her from behind. Her ***** was so ******* wet and sloppy I loved it. The whole time I was playing with her ***. I grabbed he by her hair with my let hand and kept pulling her back to me. She kept jumping every time I bottomed out into her. 

She finally just collapsed on the cushions as I kept pounding into her. I finally came again and filled her up for the 2nd time and collapsed on top of her my **** still deep in her. I kept making my **** bounce inside of her hitting her G-spot making her gasp and shake every time. 

After we cleaned up and got dressed she told me it was better than what she had expected. 

We made it a point to get together and **** as often as possible and that became very regular when her husband got locked up and they got divorced. She understood that I had girlfriends and didn't care as long as I didn't neglect giving her my ****. 

Eventually when I got serious with my future wife we stopped *******. Teri and my wife hate each other so on top of losing a great **** buddy I lost my oldest friend. 
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36-40, M
Aug 1, 2012