I Want To **** My Man With Another Women

Once I talked her into a MFM 3 way, I figured the next step would be a FMF. However my wife could not handle it. To start with, we were being very oral on each other, with me sucking and fingering both *****'s and enjoying it. My wife had an ****** already when I decided it was time to **** the other gal. My wife clamed up real fast like, so I figured something was wrong. I pulled out of the gal, and stuck it in my wife, but she just was not into it at all. Later I asked her what happened, and she said that she just couldn't stand to watch me **** another fermale. She said I could, but not with her around. I said okay, but was it still okay for me to see her getting ****** by another guy, and she said if I liked it, she would love to do it. Even me sucking on another guy was a big turn on for her.

It was her idea to have the FMF, that she never gave a thought to me ******* another women, but just that she could live out her Bi side. I have been present when she has had sex with a female, but I let them alone.
gbelle11 gbelle11
56-60, M
Dec 4, 2012