I Want To **** My Mom

My mom is what you would call a milf. She is 46 years of age and still has a great tanned body. Some 2 years back, i wanted to surprise my mom and came back from college during the weekend unannounced. My dad had gone away on some business and my mom was all alone in the house. As i walked into the porch i saw my mom's room's lights on and i could see the silhouette of a couple kissing on the curtains and clearly it was like they were about to ****. I thought my dad had returned home early and was about to **** my mom. I don't know what came over me but suddenly the thought of my dad about to **** my mom gave me a hard on. So i climbed up to the terrace on my parents room which was on the first floor. As it was dark outside there was no way they were going to see me pepping in. The curtains were not properly closed and i could see everything from the terrace. Imagine my surprise when i peeped into the window to find out that the man my mom was kissing was not my dad but my next door neighbor who i have always thought to have had a crush on my mom as i noticed him always checking her out. The thought of my mom cheating with my next door neighbor seemed to arouse me more. My mom was in a small skimpy black pantie and bra which totally complemented her curvy figure. Her bra was so skimpy that it looked as if her boobs were about to break loose. I had never seen her wear anything like that and it was driving me crazy. She was down on her knees and was sucking the man's **** off like crazy. It was like as if she had not done it for a very,very long time. My mom continued sucking his **** for about 10 mins during which i had already taken out my junk and was stroking myself away to glory. The man then to my utter surprise just tore my mom's bra and panties off like literally tore them away. This was the first time i saw my mom fully nude and boy was she hot. She had round full boobs unlike others her age and a shaved ***** with a small patch just above her **** . The man started pinching and biting my moms nipples like really hard and she started moaning loudly and begged him to stop as it was painful and could leave marks on her boobs. Then my mom lied down on the bed spread her legs widely and teasingly invited him to come eat her *****. The line of her *****'s view was directly to my face and it was pink and dripping wet .The man then moved on to my mothers ***** and started to eat the heck out of it. From among the moans i could hear my mom say " My husband never does this". This continued on for some time after which my mom started to beg him to take her as she couldn't take it anymore. My mom was on such a high that she jumped on top off him and started to ride him like really wildly. She was moaning and screaming so loudly that i was afraid someone might hear it. After that he started ******* my mom from behind doggy style and he continued till he screamed that he was about to come. My mom was again on her knees and started sucking his **** until he came in her mouth. My mom just drank all of it. I had always thought of my mom as being a little reserved and not someone that would cheat forget about drinking the whole of some other men's ***. The sight of her sucking the man's **** and licking his juices off her lips made me so hard that i was furiously stroking away until i came imagining it to be her face. After that what surprised me even more was that my mom was letting the man to click naked pics of her with his cell in different poses. I couldn't understand why she was taking such a huge risk and i could hear the man saying that it was for his own personal pleasure. Obviously the man was staying the night so i climbed down the terrace collected my things took it to a friends house and came back to see if they would again do it again during the night. But that story is for another day. I didn't confront my mom and didn't even tell my dad as i didn't want them to break up.
But what i want to know is was i wrong when i had an erection looking at my mom's nude body and ************ fantasizing about her and am i wrong in wanting to stick it to her like in a really dirty way. Is this normal?
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Yes, you were wrong. Getting an erection is absolutely normal but what you were doing to trigger it and what and why you handled it the way you did was unacceptable. What you did was highly immoral and totally unacceptable by society' s standards. Having said that, I and hard telling how many males of every age across this world would have done the very same thing. As an eight year old kid, I once crawled to the side of my sleeping mother's bed, shined a flashlight up her legs to see her red-hair-covered pubes, slowly reached under her nighty without touching her leg, and held and caressed her wonderfully warm mound. I retracted my hand, laid down there on the floor and ***********, imagining my mother was aware of all of my nastiness and was enjoying it. When I finished, I slid out of the room, quietly closed her bedroom door, and went to bed smelling my mother's scent on one hand and mine on the other. I love to remember all of the heart-pounding fear and anxiety, the sight, scent, and feel of my mother's vagina, and have used it to help me continue to ********** over the last fifty years. Like you, was I wrong? Am I convinced my mom and decent society would be appalled by my illicit thoughts and actions with my mother's body? You're damned right! But I do not regret one bit of that experience. I'm glad I was that brazen and perverted! I had those initial moments and half a century repeating those thrills in my very active imagination, and breathing heavily and deeply as my mind and my hand continue to give me the thrill and release I experienced on the floor next to my mother sleeping in her bed so so many years ago. Come on, man, we don't need to ask anyone. We know and live in this confusing world and we know we're different but doesn't each and every mother-stimulated *** shot make us feel great? Absolutely!

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I saw my mom and dad ******* a few times growing up, by accident, as they left their bedroom door open. My mom is chubby and has huge **** and nipples. We also too a family shower a few times and saw my mom completely nude (***** too!( when i was about 12. I have even saw my mom teasingly licking and sucking a banana while my dad watched her tease him, and she did not know I saw her doing that. My whole life I have fantasized about ******* my mom, ******* inside of her and knocking her up, and making her suck my ****. Yes, it's normal, and if my mom came on to me I would **** her for sure!

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