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I Saw My Mother In Law's ****

I was eating dinner as usual and my mother in law was over, since its been hot she wears little tank tops and even though shes in her 50s shes very fit and has a little petite body (she's asian). She leaned down to pick up some material she dropped on the floor and when she bent I was treated with the sight of her full B cup **** in full display right in front of me. I could swear she did it on purpose or she is very oblivious (which is VERY possible). I could stare at them enough, her light brown puffy nipples were perky and hard, and while she was picking up the material they were swaying. My wife's are big full C's but I also enjoyed these. I was hard as I was looking at them, thinking about them in my mouth... Glad my wife didnt catch me ogling them! Ill update more if anything new develops....
luvazns luvazns 26-30, M 3 Responses Jun 10, 2011

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UPDATE: she has bent over numerous times since and I've seen her full **** swaying, last time she looked down and realized they were exposed and she put her hand up to her shirt and held it. She has been more careful since leading me to believe she was just oblivious before.

I hope something does develop, and that you'll be telling us of how your MIL's ***** feels around your **** and you pump her!

Please do.