Mother In Law Sends Me Pictures

I used to send strange txt's to a girl, it was stuff like If we were in a hotel room and there was a time machine and you could go forward, and you would know no one would ever know, would you A **** me and make me *** deep inside you. B give me a hand job. C give me a blow job and swallow the lot?

Well one day i sent some questions to my mother in law by mistake. She is an ugly cow and very fowl mouthed. But she replied. and it went from there. No she sends me pictures of her **** all the time. But she wont answer questions, of **** me. but I get a picture a day. I **** all the time thinking about her.

It's doing my head in.

Any advice?
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

You need to be with her alone at your house or hers when no one is around. then pull out your **** and stroke it in front of her saying I ******* love when you send me pictures of your **** but I want to taste them in real life. As you are saying this grab her hand and put it on your **** and let her grab it, she will melt in her ***** and I bet you will **** her or at least get the best bj ever from her right their...