Part 2. I've Been Having Sex With My Mother Inlaw For Now About 8 Months.

Hey everyone. I thought I post a nice story of what happend bettween me and my mother inlaw the other nite. Like I explained in the first story. We have been ******* for 3 months but its been going on for 8months. So let me get back to the nice story that happend between us.
While after our first time doing it my mother inlaw would come over more often. While one nite. My wife said to me that her mom wanted to come over. I said right away sure no problem. While her mom came over and they were hanging out in the room. While it was about 1am. And I wanted to sleep so did my wife. So we went to sleep so did my mother in law in the living room. While I was horny knowing she was staying the nite. And my wife was sleeping. So I thought why not try and get laid twice so I decied to start with my mother in law first. So I got up and left the room but on my way out of the room I toke my boxers off. So I would be naked. So I came out in the living room. And noticed my mother sleeping so sexy and nice on the pull out bed. So I walked over to her and she had a sheet over her. So I pulled on it abit and I noticed she was wearing a pair of my wifes sexy panties that I love a lot and wear no top or bra. So I pull the sheet off. She is out cold. So I thought why not start ******* my ****. So I did. When after 2 mins. My mother in law moved and she turned on her side with her back to me and her nice sexy ***. I got even more horny. So I stoped ******* my **** and started to rub her *** slowly and then I slowly toke off the sexy panties and she still haven't moved yet. When I got them off I smelled them and licked the panties and could tell she was wet a lot. So I thought I wanna **** her the way she is laying. So I got on the bed and starting to move my **** between her legs and on her ***. When I felt the warm from her ***** and ******* I knew I was close. Then my **** hit her ***** and it was wet. So I slowy slide it in and she didn't even move. When I got it all the way in. I went slowly in and out. When about 2 mins in. She started making little movements. And I started to pick it up. And after 5 mins doing that I wanted her ******* bad. So I pulled out and she was dripping wet. Then I rubed her *******. I was about to start to push in when I heard my wife get up. I stoped and jumped off the bed and put the sheet back on my mother in law and my wife came out and she wat u doing. I said I was getting a drink. She came closer to me and noticed I was naked and my **** was hard. She said why u out here naked I said sorry I forgot ur mom was here. So all of a sudden my mother in law moved on the bed and the sheet came off only covering her *****. So my wife caught me looking over at her mom. She said u like those **** or something and I said no I was just looking to see what moved. She came close to me and said u wanna try something sexy and kinky. I said what u mean. My wife was just in a top no panties and she has a hairy ***** and ***. So she said I wanna suck u off right here and now. While my mom is laying there sleeping. I was done for it. So she got on her knees and start sucking me. About 5 mins into it I wanted to eat her bad. So I toke her top off and start to suck on her nipples and got on my knees and licked her ***** but I couldn't get everything I wanted. So I got up and said wanna lay down on the bed beside ur mom and ill eat u out. My wife at first said no but I grab her *** and put 2 fingers between and rubed her ******* and she right away said yes. But we have to be carfull. So she layed down on the other side of the bed. So I started to lick her for about 10 mins when she said I want u in my holes and now. I said okay let's go to the room. She said no right here. So right away I didn't say anything and I slide my **** in and I went to town. When all of a sudden her mom moved and turned on her back and this time the sheet was right off. So as I'm ******* my wife I was looking at her moms naked body. Then all of a sudden my wife says u want my mom don't u. And without thinking I said yes. So my wife said go ahead. So while ******* her I was feeling my mother in law up. Then my wife said I want u in my *** and doggy style. She got up and went doggy style over her mom. So I went to town on her *** for like 2 mins when all of a sudden her mom woke up and said baby girl how does he feel in you. And my wife said gud mommy. Then my mother in law starting sucking my wifes **** and kissing her. I was ready to *** when her mom said no stop. We stoped and she got up and said baby girls. I wanna **** ur man and I want u to watch. My wife said yes mommy. **** his ****. So she got on and started riding me and my wife started playing with herself. After 15 mins of that my wife got up and came over to me and sat on my face and she shot her *** all over my face. And then she started making out with her mom. Then I was ready to shot a big load when all of a sudden my wife goes I want u to *** on my moms ***** and I wanna lick it off. So I layed her mom on her back and then I started ******* off and my wife was kissing my neck and rubing my ***. Then she played with my *******. About 4 mins later I shot my load all over her moms *****. And then my wife got doggy style and started to lick her mom clean. It was the best nite so far. So I even have my wifes promisen to **** her mom as long as she is in it somehow.

Let me know what you guys think. There will be more stories to come.
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Wow that is so awesome wish i had a motherinlaw like that.

Your wife is awesome , this will work out great for u n mil also. My guess is your wife will love watching you f her mom , and nothing will make her happier then seeing u *** in her. They sound like they both love you , enjoy them equally.