New Neighbors

We had some new neighbors move in over the weekend and had seen them from time to time going in and out of the house moving things. I noticed the wife, she was short and petite and pregnant but never saw her face. Even though I had not seen her face I was immediately was lustful over her, since I have a thing for pregnant women.

Last night the doorbell rang around 9pm I answered the door and lucky me it was her. She was wearing a loose long night shirt, with not bra, and I am assuming panities or at least shorts but the shirt was too long to tell. I answered the door and with her very petite voice she asked if I new where the water main was, she wanted to take a bath and the water was not on and her husband was at work. I walked her over to her house, her hand in mine, the ground between our houses is very uneven, and she led me to her basement and I turned it on for her.

She was very appreciative and gave me a hug and I went on my way. Damn, I wish I could have ****** her. But I did the next best thing and thought about those pokie nipples as I jerked off to the image of her in my mind.
Brent10 Brent10
31-35, M
Sep 25, 2012