I Had Sex With Wife's Brother's Wife Part I

It was about 10 years back , when I had to travel to my home town alone and had to change the bus for home town at another town midway . On way my bus had a Tyre burst so I reached the terminal late to catch the last bus to my home town. So at that place my brother in laws family was living so I decided to stay over night there and will catch first bus next morning! My brothers in laws kids were very fond of me so i wanted to see them too.

It was about 8:30 pm, so I took a taxi and went to my brother in laws home and pressed the door bell. Instead of kids my brother in laws wife opened the door, and seeing me became delighted with joy as she is very caring lady! She welcomed me in and asked How a big surprise it was to see me. Then I told her about mishap, which gave me chance to stay this night. I asked about my brother in law and kids, on which she told me her husband is on usual night shift duty at Main Airport (which is about 175 kms from there and he comes back after 3 days), and kids have gone to her Moms home this afternoon and will come back after 2 days !

Then she been asking me about my wife and kids, and went in kitchen to prepare dinner for me. She took 20 minutes and we had the dinner to gather and kept on talking. I want to tell you that she is 15 years younger to me and had 4 kids but not look like she has so many children. Before this night I had never had bad thoughts about her, but don't know why, while we talked I just looked at her and found her a nice figured lady.

She asked me what do I take before going to bed? I told her my wife had developed a bad habit in me , and she serves me with a glass of milk and gives me massage till I sleep!, so here a glass of milk will be enough for me. She smiled at that and said OK. When we finished dinner she showed me the guest room, and I went in bath for a hot shower and changed my sleeping dress.When i came out saw she had prepared the bed for me and had gone in her room. She soon figured me out of bath, so she came and asked should she bring the glass of milk, on which I nodded my head and came on bed. She left the room.

After 5 minutes she came with a glass of milk and placed it on bed side table. As I was siting with my back resting along pillows on the back rest of huge double bed, she sat on nearby chair and again started talking about some forth coming family events of my daughters and sons marriages.Mean while I had finished the milk and placed the empty glass on bed side table. Then she got up picked the glass and said Good Night. I asked her to switch off the light, as my small bed side table lamp was on.She switched off the light and went out after closing the door behind her. As the door lock catch did not worked properly the door opened a bit. I did not get up to close it fully again and slide in the blankets and try to close my eyes to catch the sleep.

When I closed my eyes, don't know how i started imagining her lovely figures. She was same height of my wife 5' 3" and guessed she had 36 c cups, a bit lesser in weight than my wife. Then I asked my weird thoughts to run away and let me sleep. But I could not and may be after 20 minutes I heard a slow knock on door and when I took out my head from the blanket , saw her peeping in behind the door. Then she asked me are u still awake? I just told her that some times at different place I feel like that, so no problem, don't worry I will sleep soon. But she came inside the room, wearing a nightie and asked me if as a habit of mine, she can give me a massage , so I can sleep easily. I had no answer to it and was just looking at her.

Then she came near the bed and I quietly slide a bit towards mid of the bed and turn facing down with face on my right side. She sat on bed at my left and removed slippers and came on bed , went on knees and put her both hands on my back below my neck. Her pressing with fingers was so firm that I liked it more than my wife was doing.She was good in that and she massaged my back fully and then she moved on my legs and how nicely she was pressing it hard and i was really feeling relaxed.Then she crossed over me and came on my right side. as she settled on knees again. Then I saw her nightie gone up her knees while she crossed me and I could see her smooth skinny legs a little up her knees.

Then she hold my hand and massaged my arm so nicely! I could not stop my eyes gazing her skinny legs and I felt I was getting hard slowly . After 3 minutes she asked me to turn facing up so she can massage my left arm. Ohh God was a point of shyness for me as I had the full erection and i was not wearing underwear, I was afraid It will be exposed to her. I kept like that, but she got hold of my left hand and pulled me up to turn face up. I turned up and she just took my left arm in her fingers and pressed it with good power. I was looking down and could see my trousers at the crotch a bit raised. She was doing her job with full zeal and dedication and when she finished my arm massage, she turned back and started my foot massage. I could then see how cute bum she had. After 4 minutes she asked me how you feeling now? i said Oh thanks its the ever best massage i had in my life. She said Oh really ? I said yes, at which she turned back and smiled and said, But it did not helped you to go to sleep. On which i smiled back and said nothing , then she looked at my bulge and again smiled.Then unexpectedly she came up and sat near my waist and looked at my bulge and moved her hand under my shirt near my pubic area and pressed my skin slowly. I could now read her , so I closed my eyes and waited till her hand reached my crotch and took hold of my hard ****.

Her touch was so sensational that I felt pre-*** oozing a bit out of my ****'s head.She started stroking my **** and i was feeling so happy at her work. Then I had no choice left to raise my hips up, slide down my trousers below my knees and pressed her down so her lips could touch my ****. She took no time to open her mouth and took it in and started sucking .Then i saw her removing her nightie and as she was wearing nothing under that, I saw her great boobs hanging while she sucked me. Then i pulled her up and let her ***** come on my face and looked at her ***** she had a hairy and i could see it wet badly...She also pulled down my trousers off my legs and positioned her in good 69. She again took my **** in her mouth and started sucking it, while I also moved my tongue on her wet ***** lips and showed her my skills, at which she started moaning. I had to make her believe that I am better lover than her husband, so I slipped my tongue upside and licked her *** hole, on which believe me , she moved her *** up and sighed and whispered slowly, "Oh God". I again worked with tongue deep in her ***** and again slipped it on her *** hole, on which she reacted again same like before, and I carried on for more 2 times and there she *** heavily on my face.Then she slide down on my side.

I got up removed my shirt and took her on knees in doggy style and put my hard **** in her well wet dripping ***** ! OHH it was really hot ***** and she was moving back at my strokes which showed how deep she wanted my ****. It took me not long to *** with my big load in her *****. Then she lowered down and still my **** in her ***** and i kissed her back and she moved her hands in my hair.

After we found our breaths she hugged me and said Thanks so much for such a nice ****. I smiled and said Its just a reward for your nice massage.Then she again kissed me and made me ready for second shot. Then we slept in each other arms and got up at 4 am and ready for 3rd...

Then at 5 am we had shower and she prepared break fast for me as I had to catch the first bus for my home town. While having break fast she told me she is not happy with hubby as he is now 50 and not at all interested in sex, that's why she was turned up to me. So now when ever she seems she will be alone at home she tells me and there i am missing the last bus for home town ! hehe

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Lucky you

really good story!

Nice story

Thanks for the like, I had similar other parts with her, do read them too...Plz add me.

that is so nice an to kep it in family is better

Yes its better as many occasions are there to inter act.

nice story.i also had sex with my own brother wife and now looking for sister in law to have sex relation with her.f anyone had plzz give me some tips to **** her nice *****............

Wonderful story and good for you as now you can get her when ever she is alone.

Great story and how lucky you were and how nice she is.

Thanks for the comments, Yes she is very nice woman i had ever in my life ! Read my part 2 of this story.

Please read my next 2 more stories with her!

where is your other 2 tales with her... please, post the links

What a great story, being the wife of your wifes brother makes it more exciting

yes it was nice experience and i was not sure that i will **** her that night

Nice story. I read this type of stories in my native language

Loved this story. Forbidden fruit seems to get me everytime(lol).

Thanks for liking my story !! Really I enjoy with her when ever she is alone at home , and once she came here to stay fior a 7 days and It was a great time I ever had in my life !!