Sister In Law Project

A pleasant memory and one that brings never ending hard on's and subsequent relief as I reflect on it......

My wife, Lisa, had a sister, Teresa. Teresa was married but she and I developed a flirting relationship that took amost 3 years to mature.

I somehow instinctively knew that I could get in Teresa's pants if I played my cards right..... So I took the long approach....and slowly escalated my seduction of her.

First it was simple'll owe me a hug for that.....types of things.

I always collected on my hugs BTW.... as that would later pan out into more rewarding ventures. It took almost a year before she fianlly said.... "I could just kiss you for that....."

Needless to say.....I collected.

It was a harmless kiss...peck on the cheek but the pattern was established for 'deeper' kisses. It took almost another year before I managed to do something that warranted another kiss....

This time, when she said...."I could kiss you...." We had taken our flirting to the point where I felt comfortable in declaring......"This time it has to be a real kiss."

At first she put up her guard and said...."Well....I don't know about that." But when I managed to get her alone for a few minutes I said, "How about that payback?" She didn't say anything and so I moved first I touched her lips with mine....they were sealed tight.....

But,, as I pressed in....I felt her lips part and I slid my tongue into my sister in law's mouth.....and she kissed me back and we took turns sucking each other's tongues for 2-3 minutes.

I left it at that.....and later when we spoke on the I had conditioned her to do in order to flirt (which I convinced her was innocent as we weren't together) she told me that I was a good kisser and that she had been surprised at how hot it made her.....

Over years of flirting and sexy phone calls Teresa had told me that her hubby was a wham-bam kind of lover. He had NEVER gone down on her! I immediately began to extoll my virtues in passion and technique.

When she said that I was a good kisser.....I immediately planted yet another seed....."Well, if you think that kiss was should see what my tongue can do to a woman's lower regions." I knew that her hubby had never performed oral sex on her and I had spent several conversations explaining how much most women enjoyed it.

I simply planted the idea....and based on previous conversations I knew that Teresa would connect the dots.

Sure enough, a couple of days later, Teresa called with a bogus story of something her girl friend had relayed to her. Teresa proceeded to exclaim that she couldn't believe the coincidence...of how I had mentioned how good I was at oral sex and how her girlfriend's hubby had 'done her' so well the night before.

Teresa said, "I could only listen because I've never had it done to me."

"Wellll, " I said...... "I could coach you on that.....if you think it would help."

She hemmed and hawed about for 4-5 minutes and had to pretend that she would never do such a thing.....and finally came around and said, "Well, it would have to ONLY be oral.....I'm not on the pill and if we had real sex that would be wrong since you're my sister's husband."

"Oh, of course," I immediately agreed.

"How would we start such a thing....I mean we've never........," she asked?

"Leave that to me....I'll bring a video over that we can watch together that shows a guy doing that to a woman and you can see what you think. If you find it too uncomfortable we can stop."

"OK," she agreed....."But nothing else. Even if you do THAT to can't screw me...."

I was at her door in about 10 minutes. I slipped the video into the player and we settled on the couch.

The couple started out making out. Soon the guy had her panties off and was licking his way toward her *****. Then his tongue began to lick and tease. She began to go nuts.

Teresa began to squirm on the couch and I reached over and put my leg on her thigh.....I half way expected her to remove it but as she watched and squirmed more and more I let my hand go between her legs and begin to rub her ****.

Soon, as I could hear the woman on the video begin to groan loudly, I undid Teresa's jeans and she lifted her hips to allow me to slide them and her panties off. She was obviously enjoying this.

I let my hand slide up her inner thigh and found a gushing *****.... I bent over and kissed her lips and she literally sucked my tongue into her mouth and gave it head.....milking it.

I broke the kiss and lifted her t-shirt and pulled it over her head. I began to suck on Teresa's ample **** while she continued to watch the **** licking on the video. While I was sucking her hard nipples I removed my own clothes.

I allowed the video to regain her attention and she looked up to see the guy bury his head between the woman's spread legs....

"Oh, my.....that must feel wonderful," she declared as she spread her legs voluntarily. I moved down across her chest and stomach until I was hovering over her freshly shaved *****. "You told me how much you like a shaved *****," she offered. "I don't know what I'll tell Terry," she mused.

Her ***** was gushing with juice.....literally dripping......which I positioned myself to capture with my tongue.

I slid my tongue inside my sister in law for the first time and she groaned a groan that could only mean one thing.....pure lust. I don't know tha tI had ever heard such a guttural moan.....I
even from her sister, my wife, Lisa. I began to lap at her juices and lick up and down her slit....

Soon she was screaming that she was *******....and *** she did.... Only she didn't *** just once...She went into a series of them.

Realizing that I had a golden opportunity I moved up between Teresa's spread legs and in one movement shoved my **** into glistening *****,,,, all the way to the hilt and my balls thudded into her upturned *** crack.

She screamed out as an ****** racked her body....she humped my **** for a few moments and once the ****** subsided she began to protest.

"You promised.....oral only...." she groaned! "'re making me cummmmmmm," she groaned through yet another ******.

Unrelenting I continue to thrust into my sister in law with hard and fast strokes designed to heighten her senses.....delaying my response.

Sure enough.....she soon began to moan......."Not......On.....The....Pilll....MOST.........fertile......time....ughhhhh. Yesssssssssssss"

I picked this moment to respond....."Yes, baby, I know.....I've been waiting for 3 years to get a chance to knock your fine little *** up and I'm going to do it.......just as soon as YOU TELL ME TO," I explained.

"WHAT" she asked in shock? "

You heard me..." I replied. "Tell me you want me to *** in your ***** and knock you up," I instructed.

Teresa blinked for a moment as I continued to piston in and out of her spasming *****.....and I thought for a moment that she might regain her senses enough to tell me to stop.....but then the results of my pounding began to get to work on her *****.....and it began to quiver in anticipation of another oragsm.

"YESSSSSS," she screamed! "*** in my *****.....knock me up....GIVE IT TO MEEEEEE......this is the best sex I've ever had....what better time to get knocked up.....give.....meeeeeee....your............bastard baby."

I was about too loose my seed deep into Teresa's fertile belly when I heard a third voice say, " in law.....Knock my little sister up......but make sure you save some for me."

I looked over at the door from where the voice had emanated and there stood my wife's and Teresa's other and older sister Denise......completely naked....fingering her own ***** furiously......

SIDE NOTE....Denise had been my most horny desire for years and years but I thought her I had not made much of an effort in her direction.....I had jacked off 10 times thinking of Denise for every 1 time I had for Teresa.

"After you knock Teresa's my turn....can you knock up both of us in one after noon," Denise hissed?

"**** ....first....time.....I......Laid.....Eyes......on.....yewwwwwww......." I groaned as Denise closed the distance between us in about 5 strides.

Her hand went to my ball sack and began to squeeze and knead my pumping ball sack......."*** for Denise....*** in my sister......she cooed.'

I could not believe my fortune or figure out which would explode **** or my head..... I mean here was the woman of my fantasy......telling ME she wanted me to knock her up......

With that she squeezed my balls like a vise......and held them tightly..milking them as the contracted with spurt after spurt of my seed ......I flooded Teresa with a river of ***.......that gushed deep into her fertile belly.....impregnating her before my hard on softened..... "Oh, yes....I can feel it..." Teresa groaned....."You just knocked me in law."

I emptied my balls into her as Denise kept up a now gentile milking action.....and by now Denise was between us lapping at my *** that leaked out of Teresa......

As my soft **** plopped out of Teresa's pregnant *****.....Denise captured it between her lips and began to bring it back to useable condition.

I have never experienced such oral sex in my life and within less than 10 minutes I was rock hard again.....Only this time.....I was the object of sexual desire and Denise (mu ultimate fantasy woman) climbed on and began to **** me hard and fast.....

She began to taunt me..."Can you knock me up too, big boy?"

Well soon I was a man possessed and I flipped Denise over onto her back and began to pile drive her to pregnancy. Since I had just finished delivering a huge load of ***** into her sister's fertile womb I was able to perform for an extended period of time.

All the more better I impress my dream ****....

I ****** Denise the way a horny woman deserves to be ****** long. My desire for her turned into a mission to pleasure her and she orgasmed repeatedly and I serviced her through one ****** after another.

After a while I felt a hand on my balls. It was Teresa....who said, "Time for you to give my sister what you just gave me.....can you fill her ***** with your hot seed too?"

By now I was nearing the point of no return and answered in the affirmative........ With that Teresa began to massage my balls......hard....but in a milking fashion......She then coached me...."get ready.......are you about there?"

"Yesssssss," I groaned.....

"When I squeeze hard......squirt your seed deep in Denise's belly....give her your belly" Teresa directed.....

"Oh.....yesssssssssss....I...........WILLLLLLLL," I response. I had never dreamed of impregnating my fantasy....just to make love to her was sufficient in my fantasies......Now here I was on the verge of even more.......

With that Teresa clamped down on my balls and pulled down on them to a point that I thought she would rip them off....."*** ******* bastard.....knock my big sister's ***** up with your baby...." Teresa commanded.

I felt it ******* and thrust and held it as far as I could into Denise's belly....and blew my wad deep into her uterus.......impregnating my second sister in law in one evening.......Denise felt it and screamed the most vocal and had her most intense ****** yet as I impregnated my ****-lust dream with a baby that would soon make her belly swell to huge proportions....and I loved ******* that fat belly just as much as I did the first encounter.

Both babies looked like their daddy....Me.

Somehow....Lisa got wind of my sisterhood meeting and about a month after Teresa and Denise gave birth.....Lisa did too......only to a baby that was a direct ringer for Bobby....Denise's husband......but that was ONLY because his ***** beat Terry's (Teresa's husband) to Lisa's egg. What goes around....**** around!

I received multiple videos of the recurring 3-some between my naked and very fertile wife serving as the breeding **** for her two....well hung (both in excess of 8 inches) and condomless brothers in law.....who repeatedly emptied the contents from their bloated fertile balls into Lisa's fertile ***** she screamed through orgasmic bliss for them to **** her full of their baby juice. It was obvious that they were more than happy to they took turns with her throughout one entire night and sometimes both were hunching her ***** simultaneously.......both 8+ inchers in her ***** at the same from below and one from above.....all 3 of them had a simultaneous gigantic ***.......Lisa's little ***** couldn't hold all the baby cram and there was a pool of white goo drooling down the crack of  her *** onto the bed where it  pooled......until she reached down to collect and insert it into her ***** when the withdrew......she didn't want to waste a drop........and told me so as she looked into the camera......"If this ******** doesn't get me knocked up....I will add 2 more guys the next time..."

She the way....and following that...2 more......Until in the final video she was "serviced" by no less than 8 guys......over 2 days.....repeatedly.  Even though Bobby had obviously scored a baby shot the first time.....she enjoyed being the center of even more men.  So much so that 2 months after she gave birth she 'hosted' 10 guys.......I have created a total ****....she can't get enough and vows to increase by 2 each session.....So far, and that isn't final as she says she's not done yet. she took 15 guys in one night......and took every one them at least twice......I haven't been in her ***** since Bobby knocked her up.

And no....she's not on birth control.....and far 3 additional babies....none mine.....

She is in her fertile zone again as I type this.....This time she has 6 guys lined up for the weekend........all minority 'donors'.....(we're both Irish)//  

She has already pre-screened them....and other than minority the criteria was huge *****.......She says she will bring them all in and measure their *****.....

At least 2 of them swear to have 10+ inch *****.  They are what she wants as she's going for a boy baby....with a huge ****....or at least that's her plan...

If she gets knocked up with a girl...she will bring her 2 studs back again....and again.....and again.....and again.....for weekend breeding/stud sessions.....and THIS time she wants me to watch them impregnate her.....but NOT touch.....

I'm stoked....can't wait..  She says it's OK if I jack off while she ***** those guys.....She said she will even consider letting me **** Denise at the same time if I can find her a guy with an even bigger ****......but knowing Denise....she'll ride my puny 8 incher until she can borrow one of Lisa's 10+ guys.....Which BTW I found her one that sports 11 inches and  has a set of balls the size of a softball.,.......

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