I ****** My Step Sister.

You theres this girl I nick named her Little Miss Vampire cause she looks like an Vampire.But yeah last me , her and some of my other friends spen t an night at one of my friends house.Soon after I had arrived my friend who's house I was at his uncle and aunt started yellin at him so he left the house and soon after most of my friends followed him.Soon after they left for an walk his mom and his aunt and uncle all left to go out and do whatever.But yeeah at this point it was just me and Vampire.At first it just started as the 2 of us usin each other as pillows,foot rests,arm rests, and head rests.But yeah when I used her as an arm rest I accidently saw down her shirt.But I still liked what I saw.Appearently so did my almost rock hard ****.It was an minute or two before she noticed an bulge in my pants.Then she sai"Wow can I see it?!!!!".I said only if u let me touch urs.She said"Aww alright".So she unbuttoned my pants then I unbottoned hers.Then she asked "CAn I please touch it?!!!!".I said not unless u let me touch urs.Then I started to finger her nearly soaking wet ***** at the same time she started stroking my rock hard ****.After that she asked"Oooh can touch ur man *****".Of course though I said not unless u let me touch ur *****.Soon I was suckin and lickin her **** off.Soon after that we got so horney that we started makin out.Then soon after that it hit full blown sex.First she gave me an blow job.I came in her mouth.She swallowed every drop.Then I anal ****** her.I came inside her ***.Finally we hit intercourse sex.After minutes of ***** poundin.I came inside her *****.Somehow she didnt end up pregnant.Thank god though.Altthough even after that day we still do it sometimes when we're alone.Oh plus I was 17 and she was 15 at the time.
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8 Responses Aug 29, 2010

I got wet just reading this.

I got hard

share her with me :)

First I love your using of indeed and second I wish I was as lucky as you

You don't **** anymore? How come?

Lucky you man. Where is she now? See her much?

Big boobs?

Was she really hot then?

I was never as lucky when I was that age