I Turned My Sister -in-law Into A Dirty Little Wh*ore

I had wanted to f*uck my wife’s sexy younger sister Dawn for years, ever since I had first met her. I often imagined it was Dawn beneath me when I was f*ucking Anna my wife. I was 39, and Dawn who is 3 years younger than my wife was 27. She is about 5 foot 6 with long dark hair, blue eyes, great legs and a*ss and an amazing pair of FF cup sized breasts. My own wife is quite similar but would be a DD cup and is not quite as pretty. Before Dawn had met and married Steve her husband she had often flirted with me, and there were a few times when I could very easily have thrown caution to the wind and ended up in bed with her, however fear of the consequences stopped me from acting, something I now regret. Things changed when my own wife asked me to f*uck her widowed mother, and told me Dawn’s husband Steve would also be f*ucking her. One thing led to another and it became very clear that Steve wanted to f*uck my wife just as much as I wanted to get my c*ock into Dawn. In the end it was set up that Steve, Dawn and I would have a three*some with each of the sisters. I got to f*uck Dawn first as Anna had her period when we came to the agreement.

On the arranged day Dawn dropped her 3 year old son off so that Anna could look after him, and then drove me over to her house. In the car I finally was able to openly tell her much and for how long I had wanted her. She seemed pleased and gently wa*nked my c*ock through my trousers as she drove. Finally we reached her house, to find that Steve was already naked waiting for Dawn and I. As soon as the front door was shut I grabbed Dawn and in front of her husband began to passionately kiss her, my hand going to her large breasts, discovering that she had no bra on under her T-shirt. She stepped back from me and ordered me to get my kit off. I undressed as quickly as I could, finally letting my sister-in-law see my hard seven inch c*ock. She took the hold of it and whispered “you said you wanted me since I was 17, are you going to give me the f*ucking of my life”? I said I was, and pulled her t-shirt off over her head, while Steve wrestled to get her skin tight jeans off. Dawn’s breasts exceeded even my fantasies about them, huge but firm with long perky dark pink nipples, and when finally Steve had her jeans and panties off, I was delighted to that her p*ussy was shaved completely naked, and that her vaginal lips were perfect and neat. She has a narrow waste and curvy hips and butt cheeks. All in all if I was to score both my wife and Dawn out of 10, Anna would be 7 while Dawn would be 11! Dawn knelt in front of me and took my c*ock into her beautiful mouth, teasing my glans with her tongue and licking the length of my shaft and even my balls before deep throating my c*ock. I was sure that my first org*asm was going to be in her mouth, but Steve pulled her off my c*ock and told me “I want you to f*uck the little sl*ut”! I replied “that’s not nice Steve”, but he just grunted and answered, “well what would you call a girl who gets her husband to f*uck her own mother and then sucks her own sister’s husbands c*ock”? He had a point and as she did not seem to mind, I got her to get down on her hands and knees. Steve positioned himself in front of her allowing her to take his six inch c*ock into her mouth. For a few seconds I just relished the sight of this sexy girl’s a*ss and shaved c*unt as she sucked Steve’s c*ock. He said “go on I want to see you f*uck the wh*ore”. I guided the head of my c*ock to her c*unt and pushed in, savouring the warmth and moistness of this p*ussy that I had so often imagined penetrating. I f*ucked her so hard that she repeatedly deep throated Steve, so that he blasted his c*um into her throat quite quickly. Once he was done, Dawn lay on her back with her long legs spread wide, allowing me to kiss and suck and bite her nipples as I f*ucked her c*unt. Steve watched fascinated as I f*ucked his wife. He was soon stiff again, and as soon as I shot my load into her p*ussy, he got between her legs and licked the mix of my c*um and her juices from her p*ussy while she w*anked and kissed my shaft. Once he had cleaned her c*unt with his mouth Steve f*ucked her doggy style while she sucked my c*ock. As Steve kept calling her names, I joined in and told her “I want to stick my c*ock into your anus and f*uck the a*ss off you like you are a dirty filthy wh*ore” “Yes screw the a*ss of her you bastard” replied Steve. After both Steve and I had come again, Dawn again sucked my c*ock until I was ramrod stiff again. She then pushed me down unto my back and straddling me, lowered her a*ss hole unto my c*ock. I was surprised because she did not use any lubricant. Her ring resisted for a moment, but then with what felt almost like a little pop the glans of my c*ock pushed into her hole. She moaned and slowly lowered her self until my c*ock was buried right up to my balls in her sh*it hole. She slowly rode my c*ock with her a*ss allowing me to watch the way her glorious breasts wobbled in time to her pelvic rhythm. “Am, I as good as Anna” she asked, “much, much better” I replied. She looked at Steve and asked him “does it turn you on watching him f*uck me like a wh*re”? “Oh yes” he replied. “Are you going to turn Anna into a wh*ore with your c*ock”? Again Steve replied “Yes”. As Dawn talked like this my excitement grew and , I pushed her off and got her onto her hands and knees again so that I could ride her a*ss like a steam train. “I can’t wait to see Steve turn Anna into a wh*ore “ I said. After I had c*um into her bowels, Steve sucked my wad right out through her gapping open anus! As we lay in a heap together Steve took great pleasure in telling me and Dawn what he wanted to do to Anna. I said to Dawn how I would love to f*uck her while Anna watched. Dawn suggested that when it was Anna’s turn for the three*some , she would let us at it in the evening and then come around in the morning so that I could f*uck her in front of Anna, and she could see her husband f*uck her older sister. So that was what happened.

Steve and I had shared Anna, and I was glad that I enjoyed watching him take her, and that she seemed to enjoy his c*ock (as that give me an excuse to be able to f*uck Dawn again). Dawn arrived bright and early the next morning, when the three of us were still in bed. She ordered Anna to f*uck Steve, while she (despite Anna having insisted that my previous experience with Dawn was it) ******** and ordered me to f*uck her. In the end both sisters lay side by side on the king sized bed with their legs spread apart while Steve f*ucked Anna and I f*ucked Dawn. It give me a real kick watching Anna’s reaction as I f*ucked her sister, and played with her magnificent breasts. I asked her if she enjoyed watching me f*uck her sl*ut sister. Having already had sex several time the evening before, both Steve and I were able to last a long time, so both Dawn and Anna got the f*ucking of their lives. I finished with my c*ock in Dawn’s a*ss hole as Steve sodomised Anna, enjoying the fact that I was having this most forbidden of sex with her sister as another man did the same to my wife. By the end of that session I knew Anna could no longer object to me f*ucking her sister, and I would certainly not object to Steve f*ucking her. I now regularly f*uck Dawn, as Steve does with Anna. We both also f*uck our mother-in-law and have also since f*ucked Valerie, Dawn and Anna’s teenage baby sister.
Sammy1969 Sammy1969
41-45, M
Jan 10, 2011