I Watched My Brother-in-law Screw My Wife.

I recently posted a couple of accounts of how I have had sex with my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law alongside my SIL’s husband Steve. Steve has now written his own version of how we have shared the two sisters. He asked me to post it for him. Here is the first part:


Hello my name is Steve, I am currently 47 but was 45 when the events I am going to describe happened. My wife Dawn is about 18 years younger than me, and in fact her mother Olivia is only 3 years older than me. Dawn has an older sister Anna and a younger sister Valerie. As Sammy has already said they are all very attractive females, with slim but curvy figures. Both Anna and Dawn like their mother have large breasts. I agree with him that my wife’s breast are larger than Anna’s but disagree that Dawn is any better looking than her older sister. Ever since Dawn introduced me to her mother and sisters I had been attracted to them and have often had a w*ank while imagining f*ucking them, or fantasised that I was f*ucking them while having sex with Dawn. I got my chance to live my fantasy with Olivia who is a widow when Dawn told me that Anna and her wanted both Sammy (Anna’s husband) and me to f*uck their mother. Sammy arranged for him and I to have a three*some with Olivia, which all three of us enjoyed. However after we had f*ucked Olivia Sammy told me that he was turned on by the idea of watching his wife Anna get f*ucked by another man and asked me if I would like to screw her. Now as I have said I had been dreaming about f*ucking Anna for years so I told him that I would really like to f*uck her, but asked him did he really want to share her with another man. He told me he did, but then it came out why he was suggesting this, because just as I had dreamed of f*ucking my wife’s sister, so had he, he really wanted to f*uck Dawn. I really was not keen for another man to screw my wife, but in the end the thought of f*ucking Anna was too much for me and I agreed that if I could screw Anna, that he could screw Dawn. Olivia actually without realising it helped to set this up as she raved to both her daughters about how great it had been having Sammy and me together. So it was all arranged. Sammy got his way first because Anna had her period, so it was arranged that he would spend the night with us.
Before it all happened I spoke to Dawn about it. I admitted to her that I fantasised about f*ucking Anna and Valerie and asked her how she really felt about having sex with Sammy. She admitted that she had also fantasised about having her sister’s husband and that she really did not mind me f*ucking Anna if it meant that she got to f*uck Sammy. I was a little hurt that she did not mind me f*ucking Anna, as I really had not wanted to let Sammy have her, but I really could not let on. Anyway Dawn set off to drop our son over to Anna, and pick Sammy up. It was obvious from the bulge in Sammy’s trousers that they had already been being frisky on the journey whe they got back. The arrangement was that I would watch while he used my wife, and that at some point I could join in to give her the experience of having two men at once. As soon as they were into the house Dawn and Sammy started to kiss passionately. Sammy was running his hands all over Dawn’s body, especially her large breasts and her arse. She was soon massaging his c*ock through his trousers before undoing his trousers and belt and pulling his c*ock out. Sammy is large in that department and Dawn told him that she could see that Anna was a lucky girl. I felt a real pang of jealousy as I watched my sexy young wife w*ank another man’s big c*ock, but to my surprise I did start to feel turned on. Dawn got down on her knees in front of Sammy and took his c*ock into her mouth. Dawn gives great head and it was obvious that Sammy was really enjoying this attention has she kissed, licked and even deep throated his c*ock. I couldn’t help myself, I had to w*ank as I watched them. Sammy kept looking over at me, smirking, obviously getting a kick not just from having a sexy girl suck his ****, but also from having her do it in front of her husband. I admit I almost got up and put a stop to it, but I supressed the urge by imaging it was Anna sucking my c*ock. Dawn was wearing a form hugging T-shirt that showed just how big her breasts are, and also skin tight jeans that showed her arse and legs of. Finally Sammy took his c*ock out of her mouth and pulling her up onto her feet pulled the t-shirt up over her head. He gasped when he saw her huge breasts, with her nipples stiff and erect. She wriggled out of her jeans and panties and it was very obvious that Sammy approved of her shaved p*ussy. He got her down on her hands and knees and was looking me full in the eyes as he penetrated her pu*ssy. Dawn started to moan “f*uck me harder”. Sammy asked me if I enjoyed watching him f*uck my wife. I realised that I was enjoying watching this private sex show, but realised that how I thought of Dawn was changed. She was no longer my sweet wife, she was a dirty sl*ut, a wh*ore, so I answered “Yes, I am enjoying watching you f*uck the dirty little wh*ore”. I then knelt in front of her and grabbing her hair forced my c*ock into her mouth. Soon Sammy filled her p*ussy with his c*um and I had shot my load into her mouth. My dirty sl*ut wife then lay with her legs spread wide, his c?*um dribbling out of her p*ussy and ordered me to lick her. I did no, and found to my surprise that I enjoyed the taste of the mix of her juice and Sammy’s c*um. The sl*ut then told Sammy “stick your big c*ock in my arse the way you do to Anna”. Now Dawn had gotten me to f*uck her arse a couple of times before, but I was never really into it, but Sammy is, and I now know that Dawn had wanted me to bugger her because Anna had raved about how great it was getting a c*ock in her arse. The dirty b*itch straddled him and lowered her arse hole over his c*ock and started to ride it, while he groped her breasts. She looked over at me and said “it feels so good having his c*ock in my arse”. I replied “Dawn you are a dirty f*ucking wh*ore”. After Sammy had c*um in her arse, she got off hin and bent over in front of my face. Her arse was wide open. She said “stick your tongue up my hole”. I obeyed and licked her arse hole, I then pressed my lips around it and sucked Sammy’s c*um mixed with traces of her sh*it out of her stretched Anus. I then f*ucked her, feeling his c*um still inside her as I did so.
Afterwards Sammy told me that he had really gotten a big kick seeing my face as he had screwed Dawn. He asked me if I would allow him to f*uck her again. I replied “Yes she is a f*ucking dirty little wh*ore you can do what you want to her as long as I get to f*uck Anna”. He replied “deal” and then asked Dawn “does it not annoy you knowing your husband wants to get his c*ock in Anna’s c*unt”? “Not as long as I get to have your c*ock in my ‘c*unt ‘and arse” she replied. I left them to it while Sammy and Dawn f*ucked all night. The next morning Sammy handed me £10 in payment for Dawn’s services, winked and said “if she is a wh*ore I better pay for her”. Dawn laughed and called him a cheeky bastard. The days really dragged in as I waited for my chance to turn Anna into a dirty wh*ore.
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