I Want To **** My Brother In Law

He's been around our family for years dating my sister, the first time I saw him I got so horny cause he's hot. A day or so later I started having dreams nightly that were so vivid and hot that I'd wake up so wet and horny I had to make myself *** at least 3-4 times. I've flirted with him but have never really made a move on him but I can't stop thinking about him ******* me and filling me with his big **** and his hot thick ***. I know he's pretty big cause before my sister and him got their own place I would hear them ******* for so long and her making comments about how her ***** wasn't used to the size of his ****. Hearing her say things like that just made my dreams even more vivid and exciting. I'd love to be his little **** and thinking about it just gets me so horny and wet.
AlwaysHornyF AlwaysHornyF 22-25, F 29 Responses Apr 17, 2011

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damn good story cant wait to hear some more

love your stories, so sexy!

wow love your attitude, you make my **** nice and hard, would love to check out your whole profile if you could add me ;)

thats a really hot story. I have a somewhat similar experience, hit me up and I'll tell you all about it.

You need to make a move! I've had the same feelings for my SIL and we eventually gave in. It was one of the hottest sex adventure I had...

I read your stories. Hot, sexy stories!!!!

Will she share with you? Just a thought.....

All the best. Hope you get to **** him. Otherwise I'm willing to be the replacement as mine is long and thick as well :-)

Keep trying, he's probably. Has his eye on you too.

what happened? I too have fantasies about ******* my brother in law

I wrote about what I did about it already ;)

Very hot, would love to hear more

very intersting one !

wish i was your brother in law

I think you just having this little fantasy will keep things interesting for you even if you never realize it. Still, I can't help but think of you around him in a bikini giving off all that pheromone of desire for him, that at some primal level he'll want to **** you with his big ****. I just hope you get pictures if you actually do.

Your story is very cute and I share your craving, I have similar experiences ...

wish you the best luck

I have the same wish with my sister-in-law -- love to see your pics

I love you to have my hard **** and thick ***.

I hope your fantasy *** true. Let us know.

tis nice to keep it in the family

nice little ***** u are

That sounds so naughty and hot! Did you ever get a chance to seduce him?

thats a story I can read over and over again!

would you like to **** me?

keep trying!! maybe a second part to this story. that is a turn on!

So, if you're home with the family , including your sister and him as your profile says, how long before you have to sneak off and slip your fingers in your panties?

i also want to do sex with my sister

Nice, I had sex with my Sister-in-law before i married my wife^^

thats not bad at allll dude :) lol

Exquisite! Hope to hear more soon!