Want To Have Sex With My Wifes Older Sister

ive been wanting to **** my wifes sister since the first day i laid eyes on her and the older she gets the more i want to **** her.shes 54 im 44 shes blonde about 5ft4 130 lbs beautiful ****.nice legs.her name is linda.and whenever i get a chance to take a peek at her hot body i get hard.i know if i made a move id go down on her for hours and **** her inn every position i can think of.i ********** thinking of her constantly.i even went as far as sneaking inn her apartment to lick and sniff her panties.i even took a pair out of her night stand and got myself off inn them.and put them back on top hoping she would wear them when she got home.just the thought of my *** on her hot ***** is such a turn on.
mikedvs mikedvs
Sep 24, 2012