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I guess in life we all want what we cant have. Now dont get me wrong would I ever go and do this of course lol, but it would end horribly and even though it takes two to tango how about the other unsolved spouses. I woke up this morning with a morning hardon. My wife laying in a half state of exhaustion and me looking like a ******* wreck hair all ****** up *** breath. I set the tone long ago no morning sex. But of course blow jobs dont count and dont breath *** breath on me it is just wrong. So with this attitude I am a lonely man lol.
So with my do not disturb your partner mattress I stroke myself thinking of my sisterinlaw
She is a good 10 years younger. But i dont see her husband offering her up but then again for every good looking women someone else is tired of ******* her I guess. And the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Just to see a new *****, the scent would satisfy my desire. Another saying everyone is a ****, except mom, but go ask dad lol
Darksideofme255 Darksideofme255
56-60, M
Jan 15, 2013