I Want to ....

Oh Wait, I already DO!!

This happened several years ago and by accident.  I got home about 10:00am during a week day.  I had been on travel for about 10 days.  Wife and kids were at work and school.  I walked to my bedroom and started getting undressed.  I saw clothes on my bed an the shower was going, I thought my wife was home!  I got naked just as I heard the shower turn off.  I could see just alittle because the bathroom door was open alittle.  I silently pushed the door open as I saw my wife bending over, with her as towards me, drying her hair. 

I grabbed her hips and slammed my co ck into her, pushing her towards the counter, pinning her against it.  She gasped for air as her head flew up and I looked at her in the mirror.  It was my sister-in-law!  (She could be my wife's twin)  I didn't know what to say or do, i just stood there leaning against her ***.  She was pushing back into me.  We stared at each other in the mirror for what seemed like an eternity.  I started to pull out, when she pushed back really hard...i got the message and started pumping into her like a mad man.

Then, she stepped to the side and laid on her back on the floor.  I got between her thighs an pounded the hell outta her.  I pulled out an came all over her stomach.  We were both trying to catch our breath when the phone rang.  It was my wife on the answering machine, telling me that she was taking the kids to practice and would be late getting home.  Just before she hung up, she said "oh yeah, my sister is having her bathroom worked on, so she might stop by an use the guest room, Be nice to her an don't start any arguments", and hung up.  We both laughed.  I was the first to speak, when i told her 'next time lock the door'. She said, "next time, I'll be waiting for you! and no arguing" 

We showered and continued in the guest room...we've had an affair ever since that day.

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I would love that to happen to me. My SIL is super sexy

If this really happened I envy you god what a lucky man

How to ask sister inlaw to have sex with her

now get the sisters in bed together make my fantacy come real

dam I got close to ******* my sisterinlaw too but by mistake in my inlaws home I got there thinking it was just my wife there and me being Horney I seen someone bending over the couch I whoop my **** out and placed it right between her legs when I seeing the hair color different when she stood up a lil I just back off leaving Precum in her ***** lips I couldnt say a word all I heard was put it away my Sis is coming and that was it me and my sislaw never talk about it again what I did to her I only put 3 " of **** inside I wish I would off jam all the way in her ***** ...

Maybe your wife knows and is encouraging it

i do that been shagging her for the last 20 years my sister in law

damn you are one very lucky guy

Lucky guy would love to **** my sister inlaw.

Lucky you. At least she didn't cry rape. LOL.

way to go--keeping **** those two *****

oh gosh! i really wish i could do that to my sister-in-law too. she'll be a great ****...have been fantasising a lot about her and wanking off

Were you in her brown eye or her pink eye? If you were in the brown eye it must of been very dry and hurt like hell.If you were in the pink eye it was wet and ready. Which one was it?

My wife has no idea, and we both make sure she doesn't ever find out

Does your wife know?

Mr 1111 please tell us how did you did it.

A lucky mistake. i would love to have such a nice experience.

Very nice and good for you not many people are as lucky as you

They are mistaken for twins all the time. I have even been called by co-workers that they had seen my wife out with another man.

I don't believe you. The story is too crazy to be true. But is is amusing.

real or for fun, that was a good story....

I have done it with 3 of my sister in low

me too I want that to happen to me too.......

man, i wish that happens with me too...

I already have done it.We were very young then.

wow, interesting story