I Want To **** My New Stepmother

She is in her mid-30's... she has long blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs... they just go on for ages... she has huge boobs. duble d's i think... well it all started when we all went on holidays i saw her in her bikini... she is just so gorgeous... when no one is home part from us when she goes for a shower i always try spy on her... i stand outside wanking as i kinda see her drying herself... i was wet dreams over her all the time... i dream about her... i just wish i could stick my big **** in her wet ***** x
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Sounds hot, but this group is about ******* ur step-sister

When you take a shower and no one else is home beside you and her.Walk by her naked and say you forgot the towel. See if she takes the bait and try's to seduce you ,or keep on waring down her defences.

I agree I have a step mom I want to f' too but I have no idea how to get her to do so