We have a lot in common. I feel more connected to him than a lot of my friends, we can actually have a conversation about things that interest me rather than small talk. We've had a couple almost sexual conversations (usually one of us said something that came out wrong), and he gave me relationship advice (regarding my lack of relationships, actually. My love life is a black void.) We have the same taste in almost everything, but with enough difference to shake it up, it's actually so refreshing. I wouldn't want a relationship with him because I'm young, and leaving the community I currently live in after the school year, but I wouldn't mind an hour or two alone with him. He's 27, and I'm 18. I'm also a virgin. I'm not sure he knows that I'm inexperienced (I don't come off as prurient or innocent, and I like that.)
I love the friends I have now, but I do look forward to meeting more people I can connect with like I do him.
godvvave godvvave
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014