Sweet Birthday

My wife and I have been married for 17 years. It has been a great life, with the highs and lows of any marriage. My wife has a sister that is exactly 10 years younger than her. Now I am sure my fantasy runs similar to any other healthy male. How does a woman compare sexually to her sister.

Well I got my chance. My wife didn't know what to get me for my birthday and suggested we go on one of our many unplanned trips. I expected a quiet drive, just the two of us, to the beach. Instead, my wife invited her sister, who is unmarried, to tag along with us.

We drove up the interstate to the Harris Ranch Inn, and proceeded to have a great steak dinner and look around the gift shop. We had drinks at the bar where a birthday cake was waiting, and the usual song was sung. Photos were taken inside and outside the building. What excited me was that my sister in law hugged me with such enthusiasm for the photos.

That wasn't all. We landed at the Monterey Best Western for the night, with two queen beds in the same room. Candles and all. The clerk just smiled at me and said, 'You lucky devil'.

The girls started to undress before my eyes. I got my camera out and began to take photos of the two in various stages of undress. Then the camera shutter broke. They got into lingerie and boas and started dancing for me. And began stripping for me. And began undressing me.

That was my lucky night. Because there was nothing left for my sis in law to do but take my **** out and begin to rub it against her breasts. She rubbed it on her nipples until I began to wet them. By then my **** was rock hard and ready to lubricate her *****. I ****** her that night, right in front of my wife.

My wife enjoyed the view and then sat on my face. I gave her the best ***** licking. That night, I came deep inside my sister-in-law. It was a blast. After a quick breather, my wife sucked my **** back to life. And made me *** for her inside her mouth. I have never ever topped this moment again.

I love my wife and nothing is better than sex with love. But from time to time I have sex with my sister in law, just the two of us. It is with my wife's permission. That is how I keep her trust. This is a true story, make of it what you will. But it remains my unforgettable birthday celebration.

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I actually did **** my wifes sister. That was just about a month before I met my wife. We have been married for 20 years and during that time I have ****** her several times and my wife has ****** my sisters husband without my sister knowing. We are a close family.

That is good on so many levels, I am really happy for you

Gracias for sharing your story, me encantó!<br />

Wow you are so lucky!!! My girl has two sisters within 3 years of her, I would love to hook up with her and one of her sisters. Well again congrats to you

I want a wife like that!

My sister in law has joined us on many a vacation, but not exactly for the ********* mentioned above. Once while at one of the National Parks, and while my wife was exploring down river, I banged my sis in law. Nothing planned and definitely not an extended time for *******. But I guess being out in Mother nature got her horny as I already was. She walked behind this large rock and called out to me. I thought she had fallen down. Nope! She was getting out of her top and proceeded to pull down her bikini. She sucked my **** for a second just to get the juices going. After that I threw her legs over my shoulders while she laid on her back. We ****** until she started moaning. I unloaded my *** deep inside her ****. The wife and group were coming back that we just had enough time for sis to suck my **** clean. Talk about a quickie ....

That some sweet action!

Hot, hot, hot!!

Never did get that far with the Sister-in-Law...but we have shared a few special moments...check my story Siter-in-Law Saw. :) dc

yes one lucky devil

Oh man!! Youare indeed one VERY lucky guy!!