My Wifes Hot Sister

Where do I start. After the festive season my wife and I had a couple of visits to my wifes sister. Drank some brandy and coke, meat on the coals.My sister in law is about 6 years older than me and not married but has one child. She has got more than decent boobs, and an *** you just want to rip those pants off her and **** the **** out of her. The problem is no problem actually,my wifes also very attractive, but when having sex scared to hurt her while pregnant etc.i cant help to think about ******* them both at the same time.But I would also take my wifes sister alone any day of the weak.When she bends over her tight pants just shifts down enough to see her tight ***, which almost got me in trouble getting a hard on, as i wear boxers its difficult to hide so i went to the car and looked for something. I still don't know what it was. But when you stand in front of her her breasts are just so tight and **** i would love to get into that pants and give her a **** she would never forget, maybe she will by I wont.  Is it wrong to have fantasies about my sister in law,and if she approached me that way what should I do.I know what I want to do but would I. I don't know.

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2 Responses Jan 28, 2010

If you get a chance dont miss it. use the golden oppertunty to **** her. Give her a nice **********, and ask her to give you a thundering BJ. put her iin Doggy and give very hard shots she will never forget you.<br />
dont worry procceed my friend. me too awaitting long years to get from my wife's younger sister.

If she turns you on that much, then go for it. I would try to get alone with her, maybe doing some chores she wants done and keep giving her compliments of how nice she looks. who knows, maybe she will return the favor and rotate your socks like never before!!!!