My Best Friend Had Wanted My Husbands Big **** In Her!

Last weekend my husband ****** my best friend, as I watched. She always has flirted with him quite a lot, and I knew he wanted to **** her real bad. We both take other lovers, and my friend is a bit shy, but always loves to hear about our sexy parings with others! Lately, she has been really complimenting my hubby, and does things like, telling him how hot he looks in his naughty pictures, and even more so in person. I cault her pinching his butt the other day, and he smiled big at her. So I knew they were hot for each other for a while now! I have freely shown her a lot of our pictures, and she always makes remarks about him having such a big ****, and wishes she had a man like that to give it to her good, too! She would gaze longingly at his **** in the pics, and I enjoyed making her feel these desires for him. She is very sexy woman, herself! And I even think about playing around with those lovely breasts, too! I mainly like men, but have been known to crave the taste of woman from time to time, as well! So Friday night came, and she came over to see me, and was wanting to hear if hubby or I had anyone coming over for fun tonight, so I asked her why. I said no, no plans yet. She said that if it was okay with me, she'd love to get in our bed, and wait for him to come in, and find her there naked, and waiting for him, all hot and playing with herself, to get all open and fully wet and ready for him!I must admit, she had a good plan, as I know how hot that makes hubby when I do it, and have told her this. I told her that I think we have plans now...with her! She smiled and said, thank you, and yet again stated how hott seeing hubbys **** in the pics gets her *****! So with that I said come on, and lead her to the bedroom. I wanted to see how hot and wet that little ***** was for myself first! She came in and I told her to take off her clothes fully and I would like to see just how hot it had made her. She is very sexy and a lot of men would love to see her stip as I was doing right now! I could see that she was very aroused with pert nipples jutting fully out, and swollen and hard tipped. And her panties were all wet judging by the damp spot of her crotch in them. I saw quickly that she was glistening down there as well, as she pulled the panties down to reveal that sweet lil shaved *****, so fully visible, with silken wet lips! I said for her to lay down and let me see how wet you are for his big ****. She did and spread her legs fully open. I must say, you have a very hot little *****, but I better check to see how wet you are for him, as he is really big, you know. I reached in my drawer, and grabbed my tube of KY warming sensation, and I started appling a generous amount of the lube to her *****, labia and inside her *****. Mixing it with her own wet sauces of desire felt so good, and really made me hot, too!. In the process she seemed to already be starting to get so hot, so I gave her a little **** rub. When ANYONE gives me a **** rub, I about go through the roof. Sometimes, with the correct placement of the fingers, that alone may produce a *** from me. Anyway, making sure my best friend was well-lubed, I sat at the head of the bed as she, on her back, cradled the upper portion of her body in my lap. In this position, I was able to caress her shoulders, head, chest, nipples & breasts.
Meanwhile, my husband had came into the bedroom by now, with a look of utter desire on his face, upon seeing my best friend naked on our bed, and me caressing her softly. He stood looking very eager to get at her sweet little *****, so wet and openly ready for some ****! I winked at him, and told him she was needing to get that ***** ****** good and proper! He said, I been wanting that ***** right here in this bed for a long time, and got undressed quickly. She moaned how yummy his already hard **** looked! And with that, she raised her legs, with the soles of her feet, as though she were reaching for the stars. All the way up, and wide open. My husband positioned the very swollen head of his **** at the opening to her *****. Inching his knees closer to her, he proceeded with the penetration of her depths. Inching further, he kept pushing until he was fully and deeply in her already twitching, and grasping *****. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of their sockets. She already was working on him. In her balls-deep, he secured his position by adjusting his knees just so so, for the long haul. No part of his body was touching hers except in ****. She was free to make any movements, actions, or reactions that she wished.
He began his slow stroking, moving his abdomenal region in a circular motion while stroking. I love it when he does this to me as it conveys a feeling to me that I am being given a swabbing, top to bottom. He continued his motions picking up the pace. I kept squeezing, pulling, and pinching her nipples while giving her a boob massage. She quietly, almost a whisper said "OMG". Besides spurring my husband on, it gave cause to me to intensify my stimulation of her body to my utmost.
She had wrapped her legs around his body locking them behind the small of his back. He was almost savagely ramming, jamming, & plunging into her womb. She was meeting his every plunge with an upstroke of her body to meet each of his long deep strokes.
Then as though it was very planned, he started pumping gallons of his manjuice into her, and she was raising her body up from the bed by her grasp of his ****. She had multiple orgasiums. Quite a sight. He kept pumping her with all his might until she started to calm some. They both just collapsed. She ****** him so very well, and was properly ******. I think we should do this more often now, and I want to try more with her too! Enclosed a pic of her ***** all properly done by my hubby!
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Wow what a story! Your friend has such a nice ***** no wonder why he wanted it!

Yes it does look properly done.

I can see why he wanted to lick that, very nice! Awesome story, thank you for sharing.

How do you do it advise pleeeeease

can I clean her up?

Great story. Randy's an extremely lucky guy.

Well Will, this is connie now, and I am flattered by what you say, and very happy you and randy are friends here! You two are making my lil ***** all wet, and I need some **** too! It is a little ***** that I was blessed with, and no matter how many ***** fill me up, lil pussypie stays tight. I just love to ****, and get my mancream, babe. Wish we could all meet up! Stay hot, from connie...

Dam you hubby is a lucky man to have a wife like you haveing him share your friend and from the looks of her ***** he must have had a great time! More wife's should get involve especially getting her ready for there hubby like you did and playing with like you did !......Awesome story!