I Want My Wife's Friend So ****ing Bad

I have been with my wife for three years now, and ever since the start I have wanted her best friend. I have spoken to the friend and she even agrees if not for my wife she would totally go for it.

The problem is, my wife would totally not go for it and is very closed/traditional to such ideas. Sometimes I feel like such an awful person because I love my wife but want her friend so much, I don't know how to approach it.

I dont want to lose my wife but I don't think I can be totally faithful either
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

Oh god, me too! Her best friend has such a hot body - big juicy breasts that even the heaviest sweater can not hide and much more sexual experience than my wife. I love to give her hugs just to feel those big boobs. I'm sure she sees me staring sometimes and every now and then she purposely brushes them against me, which gets me so horny and rock hard that I leave with pre-*** in my pants each time.

You can't be faithful. You know what you want. She's into it. You needs to do it. I would get her alone and pull out your ****. Once she sees the pre *** starting to bubble out of the head of the ****, she will fist touch it and eventually suck it off.

The problem you have is your wife. You know down inside you can't stay with her. You may not ever be in a committed relationship. This is okay to. You will always be on the prowl.With stripers, escorts and hookers just to name a few, there is so much ***** out there. Its a shame we marry at all because we cut ourselves out of all that wonderful *****.

Go out and divorce her; Be with her friend and start to live your life.

I would suggest plan it better and go slow. You will eventually get her. You can even hide it from your wife but i guess that's what you don't want. I have ****** my wife's friend (not best but close). I love my wife and want to remain with her but could not resist her friend's open signals.