Wife's Friend

Before I start let me just say that I love my wife and I have a good sex life with her.

One of my wife's friends comes round home quite often, and I would love to tap that! She's not as good looking as my wife and doesn't have as good a figure either but she has one of those ***** that you'd love to smash!
My biggest fantasy is to come home one day to find her licking my wife so I can take her from behind at the same time! I know it would never happen and I can only dream about it but **** I'd love to smash that!
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2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

.. do guys always want to **** their wifes friends? Or only certain ones you are drawn too?? ... if you flirt with her you should be able to tell if she's open to playing pretty easily...

I think there's always one , well there is for me anyway. something to do with forbidden fruit can be my only logical answer for it and i imagine most guys have a similar fantasy

I honestly think the whole reason me and his wife got so close is because me and him have the exact same personality and we were magnetically drawn together as soon as she introduced us.

Have you ever *********** to pics of her