What I Would Do To You.....

Mmmmm.... for you?..... With you, i would play no games.... i would toss on the bed and start ripping your clothes off while i rubbed your ***** and kissed all over your body. I would turn you over and spread ur *** apart and start licking your ******* until you cried....i would finger ur ***** and massage ur **** while i licked ur *******....then after u came all over my face i would put my hard throbbing **** in you and grab the back of ur hair....i would start slow but it would progressively get faster...i would scratch ur back and bite your neck.....then i would put you on ur back and spread ur legs open so i can massage ur **** with my tounge....as u started to shake i would put my **** back in u and **** u hard.....i would grab ur throat and stare u in the eyes as i ****** ur ***** like it has never been ******...then before i busted i would pull out and *** all over ur beautiful ****............the end....and thats just the first one lol...
Smblankenship Smblankenship
22-25, M
1 Response May 22, 2012

i need someone to do just that ;)


nope unfortunately im stuck on this or email.