Skinny Deeping

we have spent some time in the pool naked getting close but never touching. you clime out of the pool; I watch you as you grab a towle to dry your hair. I get out of the pool and from behind you i place my hands on your tuimmy and kiss the back of your nick.. you back your *** on my hard ****. one of my hands head to your **** ant other to your *****. you put your hands on table and bend over.. my face drops between your *** cheeks and I kiss lick and nipple on your ***** and butthole .. I stand after you start to beg for my **** in you .. rubbing my penis on your **** feeling the wettness i pull on a nipple and slowly enter you many slow short strocks you moan i grad your hair and ram my **** deep in you faster pulling your hair...

ok it's a start
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May 14, 2012