The Midnight Ride

Let me set the stage. Early morning the sun just peaking on the horizon. I know just by looking it's going to be a miserable hot day. I know I have to push on though. I have a very special blind date you see it's newgirlxo10. We never met only talked thru e-mails and scribbles to me that was all I needed. She sent a faded photo I could barely make anything out except a note on the back that said meet me on pier 23 at 10:00 am sharp. Today my excitement could hardly be contained, but there was also a sense of uncertanity could this be to good to be true. I don't know but I had to take the chance. 8:30 the temp. already pushing 80 degrees sweating like no tomorrow is it nerves or the weather? I leave the villa where I'm staying at and traffic is at a stand still. I don't have this problem where I come from I yelled. The owner of the villa came out and asked what's wrong so I explained. He knew I was screwed I would never make it in time. He saw my desparation set in , and said I have a bike you can use but hurry it's six miles to the pier. I said thank you and took off like a bat out of hell thru the streets getting ever closer to my goal, nothing would get in my way. I look at my watch 9:55 oh **** I yell just to my surprise I'm pulling onto the pier at 10:00 am on the dot and no one is there. thought run thru my head am I on the right pier is my watch wrong. so many question no answers. I take a seat on the bench to catch my breath then start my long journey back. Maybe it was only a dream. I stand up and out of the corner of my eye I see a goddess dressed in white walking out of the sun her golden locks reflecting the light of the midday sun is this her or a mirage. She comes over to the bench and asked if I was I said yes and she cracked a smile and said traffic was horrible how did you make it here she asked? I pointed to the bike she just laughed. Now what she asked well I have an idea so she sat down on the bench next to me so she could here the idea with great intent. First I need to get cleaned up again. Then we walk the city have dinner and see where it goes from there. She nodded biting her lower lip thinking of the possibilites to come. I told her I had this planned out but the weather was really miserable and putting things back to reality. We talked some more, but felt our bodies burnning in the midday sun I said we need to find some shade. She agreed and we started walking along the pier. Then a cab pulled up and out got the villa owner he looked happy to see I made it in time. I told him thank you again, but he would have none of that . He said he just came for the bike take the cab back to the villa and theres a surprise waiting in your room enjoy he said . I looked at her she looked at me we were puzzled but agreed it would be for the best. to get out of the heat. we got in the cab and back to the villa we went. I unlocked the door to find the room had been transformed into a tropical paradise. with a note that just said enjoy and meet me at 11:30 pm. This room had everything. So I asked do you want to say in she said yes with a naughty evil grin. I said I'm going to take another shower make yourself confortable I said. I'm in the shower thinking wow what did I do to deserve this . I finish my shower and reach for my towel and clothes are all gone. I walk out around the corner a little embarrassed covering myself with my hand it's not like she has not seen it before but that was in photos this is in the flesh. I turned the corner to find her only wearing only a smile and on the bed she said it was to hot for clothes and I'm ready for my massage. I said but I'm naked too that's ok she said. I sprang to life my hand could not contain the excitement. I said one massage coming up I smiled she rolled over so that her back was facing me I grabbed some body oil and started working it onto her naked body my hands gliding along her smooth curves like a summer breeze feeling every inch to perfection. I then had her roll over she agreeded brushing my manhood in the process reveling a drop of clear fluid on the tip she said someone's happy. I continued the massage in the same way as the back making sure not to miss an inch she started to drift off into a deep slumber. I finished the massage then and went to go get the next step started. I let her sleep for a bit. waking her with just a kiss she was about to get up when I stopped her allow me I said so I picked her up cradling her in my arms and moved her naked body to the clawed foot bathtub built for two. I lowered her gently into the slightly rose colored water the petals still there sticking to her naked body like they were ment to be there. I jumped in behind her rubbing the oil from some of the petal into her now moist skin making her glow with sexual tension. I got out first then picked her up and carried her to the bed once more our passion growing even stronger a kiss to the nape of the neck and along her glowing beautiful body she did the same in return. We were exhausted from the heat now well over 100 degrees and the passion building up inside the fire that our are souls but it was too much we fell into each others arms falling into a deep slumber holding each other so closely we looked as one . we awoke to a light knock on the door. I got up threw on a robe it was the owner he had one more surprise for us so I got her up we got dressed and went outside to find two of the most beautiful horses I had ever seen a solid black steed for me and a radient white philly for her we hopped on the horses and took a midnight ride across the beach.

The end.
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May 24, 2012