Words Can't Describe

How bad I just want to push you down on the bed, and climb on top of you, and **** your brains out! I don't want to make Love, its pure sex, filled with nothing but passion, desire, and lust. I need it so bad right now, Get rid of some of this frustration. I just need to feel you deep inside of me. I want to be on top of you, I want to be benreat you, on the bed, up against the wall, against the car, out in the grass in the rain, at this moment, I don't give a ****, I just need you so bad right now, and I want to **** you like there is no tomorrow! **** baby, I need you so bad right now! Wow, yes, I'm extrmelely horny tonight, and you are the taste of my desire!

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4 Responses Oct 25, 2010

Absolutely love it!!!

Hot storie would love to help u out.

How did you get the picture in the story?

Wow, that is what i needed to hear!!! Thanks