A Very Surprising Double Date ;)

My bf younger sister of 1 year was always hanging around with us and it was getting quite annoying, we would get comfy on the sofa and she wud come sit with us, or always finding a way for us not to be alone so when she got a bf i was so realieved that she wud stop bothering us but it didnt.
we would be at a party or club and she and her bf would turn up.
So when my bf said that they were joining us at the cinema that night i was very annoyed.
So we got to the cinema and choose the film and as ladies do i went to freshen up before the film (my bf and i tend to get touchy touchy when watching a sex scene at the cinema so like to freshen my essentials) and she followed and was talking to me from her cubical telling me about her sex life with her new bf and was asking about mine which was a little uncomfortable as its her brother so i gave her very little info.
we went into watch the film and it was packed and had the last 4 seats in the middle section so i had my bf on my left and his sister on my right.
So we are 30 mins into the film and there are some pretty steamy scenes happening and thats when i feel a hand on my leg i smile to myself as im so glad i freshend up and excited that my bf is still keeping our cinema tradition and now the hand is sliding up my skirt so i lower myself in my seat as i can feel fingers rubbing me through my knickers, then i hear my bf say "ur quiet tonight" (when cinema is less busy i tend to react the his plessuring me quite vocally" so i turned towards him to tell him not to stop and i can see him holding a cup of cola and popcorn bag........... OMG one hand holding cola the other holding popcorn............. its not him.
i turn slowly to the person sitting the other side of me which is my bf sister she winked and said "shhhh just enjoy it" so i did.
Oh she was rubbing me she slipped a finger in and now im moving in my chair trying to give her some more access to do what i was enjoying so much and within minutes i had *** probably the quietest i ever had she removed her hand and directed my hand up her skirt so i reapayed the favour until i felt her shudder and flood my hand.
after the film we all walked out and me and her excused ourselfs to the toilets and she pushed me into a cubical and she dropped to her knees and burried her face into my puss,y pushing her head towards the wall i started thrusting so her tounge wud go deeper and resulting in banging her head against the wall once i had *** i aagin returned the favour "I WANT TO **** YOU SO BAD I SEE YOU WITH MY BROTHER AND I KNOW YOU **** HIM BUT NOW I WANT YOU TO **** ME" so we had some asazing ***** rubbing she was rubbing her leg against my ***** and i was humping her leg and then i was rubbing my leg against her ***** and she was humping my leg we then did ***** to ***** rubbing the feeling of her wet ***** hole against my wet ***** hole was amazing and we both added some finger ******* to end our cubical session. we made some lame excuse story about a flooded bathroom to why we took so long to our bf and lets just say she went from being a annoying cling on little sister to an exciting sexual experience where ever and whenever we had our double dates ;)
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Now that is HOT!!

A very exciting story :)