Ill Make You Feel Good.....

Sitting on the couch watching a movie, I slid closer to You on the couch, I slide my hand under the cover and gently rub your thigh you ask" what are you doing" with a smile... Quietly laughing I replied "I can't help it your so ******* sexy" ....
Looking into your eyes an watching as you looked back at me biting your lip and smiling and then open your
legs a little wider given me better access to your oh so sweet ***** sliding my
hand a little farther up your thigh, I could feel the fabric of your panties on the back of my hand as I slid my hand up your leg and then carefully stretching my fingers out and sliding your panties over to the side I can now finger that tight *****. As I slid your panties to the side
You grabbed my hand through your panties I dipped just the tip of my
finger inside your moist *****, feeling the
warmth of it clinching around my finger "oooh god what are u doing to me" you moaned and started rocking your hips as i slipped another finger
inside of you and started thrusting them in and out deep inside your ***** then watched as you slide your
Shirt up over your breast and grabbed
the back of my head and pulled me down towards you allowing me to take your
nipple in my mouth, sucking on it I continued to push my two fingers in and out Mhmmm so juicy you lift herself up off the couch to meet my fingers with every thrust. Feeling your tight ***** clinch my fingers, you lean down and started kissing me passionately tongue sliding across my lips, Pulling my fingers out of your dripping wet ***** and
sliding my hand back down your leg heals my two fingers up and spread
them apart towards the light allowing you to see your tastey juices dripping down my fingers and you grabbed my wrist and took both of my fingers into your mouth.. lick both of my fingers
free of your ****** and then smile back at me and push me back against the
couch, You slid your hands down and slowly take off my shorts and got down on your knees beside me and took my hot wet ***** into your mouth, feeling your hand glide up my leg as you slide 2 fingers inside me. Reaching down I run my fingers through your hair, pushing it back behind your ears grab the back of your head and pull you in closer to me as I *** so hard and squirt all over you remove your fingers and kiss up my stomach and licking my nipples kissing my neck And whisper in my ear I want more. Watching you smile and taken off your panties You leave your shirt on and climbed over me putting one leg over me one under grinding your sweet ***** on me mixing all our juices you lean
Your head down on my shoulder sinking your teeth into my shoulder while you tried to conceal Your moans, feeling my ***** tighten up I came again all over your creamy ***** as you grind into me harder and faster your body starts to shake as you slow down and whisper in my ear I'm gonna *** I grab your *** and pull you into me moving your hips makin you grind on me just the right way as we both squirt all over Mmmm you get me so hot!!! I gently place my hand over your neck and put a little pressure laying you back as I kiss down your perfect body all over your inner thighs licking up every drop of our creaminess I stick my tongue out just enough to tease and taste your sweet ***** as you let out a deep moan I pull my head back and blow your hot ***** driving you wild you grab the back of my head run your fingers through my hair and pull me in close to you I begin to flicker my tongue fast againts your ****, you start to squirm so I reach under your legs up and around and grab your waist and hold you tight I slide my tongue deep inside you in and out.........
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lovely.. you got me shooting *** five shoots

O.M.G dats all i got 2 say!

Ahhh the best