Zombie Baby

Well I know her in real like and know that EVERYONE wants to **** her!
*** bubbles, baby! *hehe*
redrockchick redrockchick
26-30, F
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Add me. Love to chat ;)

Hi, I would luv to be friends, Please add me:):)

I would love to. She seems like quite an amazing woman.

Oh she totally is too. Hotter than hell and 100x better in person

How about you? What are you like?

I'm a dark haired goth chick with tattoos

Cool, do you like men, women, or both?

I like both

What kind of kinky things are you into?

add me and i'll tell you :)

I added you. Do tell.

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I meant real *life - sorry guys, another autocorrect mistake!

I just want to know if I can suck those amazing breasts. Go on!

Only if i get to suck on yours ;)

The offer is there! xxx

Oh, how i love you, Pixie! xxx