Getting Filled Wam

I have a desire to have a messey experience and have decided that I could utilise the catering size tin of baked beans I have had for years and never managed to use, they are probably a bit out of date now.

Some years ago I got some rubber tights, they were good for going to BDSM meets, I went a few times, but never really got what I was looking for and stopped going, most were miles away as well. I thought thece may be a good garment to use as the food would not go everywhere except for where I wanted it, close to me, I suspect it will be very slippery and slimey, but that is part of the fun for me, I am not sure how much of the tin's contents I will be able to pack in but I will let you know how I get on or off with this one.

I have not set a date for this, but i think it will have to be in the next 8 weeks.

Has anyone else done something like this?.


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Hi, that's an idea ;-)

ooh, yes forgot to answer GXXXX's question, yes I have peed in my rubber tights, was at a club and the que for the loo was larger than normal, so figured if I keep walking about and pee no one would notice the the trickle from my ankles onto the carpet, and it worked, but they do rub a bit when wet and you have to wear them until you get home....

that's sooooo sexy! what did you wear under? did it feel different doing it like that?

Hi, I have put some pictures on here for you....

wow, you folks have some wild idea's, I will try the bubble bath one day, the tights do have a tendency to try and fall down when laden with the necessary lubrication, so any outdoor adventures could be interesting, however I do have an idea to avoid the problem, if I get a chance to do it I will post a story about it.

Id love to get hold of rubber tights! They seem like a great idea, fill them up, wear them under your jeans and go shopping for more glop!<br />
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Ive worn waders with beans, custard and honey in them, but cheap bubble bath feels awesome, and doesnt stink. Ive now got myself the biggest baggiest shiney black wellies that Im gonna fill with jelly tomorrow, and wear them while doing the gardening. <br />
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Have you ever used methyl cellulose to make slime? It doesnt smell, feels amazing and can be made by the gallon.

Hi, yes i like this sort of thing too, and i'm the same as Captaincustard, its my wellies I like to fill up with any thing really!!!...custard, yoghurt, paste, shaving foam and then walk about wearing them. Have you ever peed while wearing your rubber tights? I love to pee into my wellies while im wearing them...mmmm!!!!

Hi, thanks for your comments, well there are a few more items on the menu, I will give them a try one day, I have yet to do this so I will see how I like it.<br />
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If you want some rubber gear there is usually some items on ebay but there are placesthat specialise in rubber wear, my tights were not that expensive, no more than £25.00 I recall..<br />
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Hope this helps.

Yes custard feels amazing and super sloppy. When i do something lke this, I like to wear wellies and tuck my tracksuit bottoms into them. Then i empty 2 or 3 buckets of custard and porridge into them and slosh it around. It feels and smells heavenly!!! Would love to try with rubber tights!