Urrp More Please

i have been getting fatter lately and now i can feel it more as my apetite has grown and i eat like a pig my belly is now so chubby that i can feel it when i walk and it hangs a bit when i stand and rolls are becoming noticible a slight doubble chin is forming and i love it my stomach a botomless pit begging to be fed my new jeans are tight and my shirts too on my belly over the holiday i ate a bunch while the fam napped i had 7 pieces of cake practicly a box of cookies and bunch of ham after i was still hungry and my cousin just looked at me with disguss as my bellly portueded more with each bite and the bloat and my gass came with no shame i love my new fat and hope to keep gaining tips to outgrow my clothe :)
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Such an impressive and sexy appetite, I hope you're still gaining.

I am and getting bigger all the time

How big do u want to get?

I'm just going to eat like this and get big how big do you think I should get?

How much heavier do u think u are going to get?

You should share some more experiences. :)

Awesome appetite!

Sounds lovely! Hehe, gotta keep that gut full~

I don't know what empty feels like anymore

How fat & slobby are you now?

*burrrpp* inhales odor. Lets just say all of my burps now taste of chilli cheese, bacon cheese burgers, pizza, soda and sweets. My newfound love of Doritos, Pop tarts and chipotle/ fro yo have added to my increased weight. I have had to upgrade my wardrobe. none of my former clothes fit and those that do are tight and uncomfortable. I am always hungry. my old dresses don't fit and those that do are tight and unflattering. They cling tightly and make love handle, muffin top, hanging belly, and bloat very noticeable and are not forgiving. I constantly eat but am always hungry. yet i'm am healthy and the only thing that has increased is my body fat percentage though i've gained a few lbs. Even my newer clothes are tighter but i hide from family by simply saying i've 'grown' and that the clothes are older than they are. When I eat in jeans sometimes I undo the button. the fact that i'm not as active helps as well. soon I will have access to all you can eat at camp and will be able to gain freely. My farts are potent *farrrtt* and do to my just eat it attitude once it happens you know it was me and i have no shame. Because of fatty and greasy diet my farts are sometimes wet which gives me a fright sometimes but hey what do expect with all those beans and chilli. Call it american life, puberty or sedentary lifestyle I call it Glorious ( my gain and sloth that is). I am a glutton and proud I burp, fart, out grow my clothes but hey *burrp* either get on board or get off i'm going to do me and if that grosses some people out they don't have to be around me ;p

It certainly is glorious ;) I'd love to chat some time


Glutton and proud, best way to be ^^

yep chat me

Atta girl! :D

Sounds like you've been quite the piggy lately?

Yah i mean it when I say I love food I have been known to drool over it! Tehee:)

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Eat a ton too!

Drink tons of eggnog!

Beer helps, especially if you avoid lite beers. Nuts too. Nice fat beef. And maybe a fruitcake a day - stuff like that will do it.

Yes it does! :)

You can do it! *burp*

Add me please? :)