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Trying to Gain Weight

I'm really skinny. I'm 5'0. idk how much I weight b/c I haven't done that in a long time. But I really need the weight so starting this monday I am gonna keep track of what I eat and weight myself every 4 weeks.
Ashie Ashie 22-25, F 10 Responses Jan 11, 2008

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I Never Thought I'd Like Being Fat. I'm so happy with my belly tightening my yellow shirt. I feel a great sensation. My weight in August was 144 pounds. Now my weight is 170 pounds. I hope to gain more weight soon. My girlfriend feeds me with cakes, chocolates and tacos. She wants to me fatter. I love her, and I eat a lot for become as her. She said to me if I become in a fat man, she will very happy. So I'm trying to gain weight and begin to have a big body as her.

I think it's important to stay healthy too - so if you start to feel negative effects I would advise stopping gaining too much weight. Of course, it is completely up to you. I just think the effects on your body of too much weight are hard to reverse once they're there. A healthier way to gain weight would be through muscle which would make you softer and rounder anyway, and a lot heavier. Although, like I said it is completely up to you.

I would real try lifting weight and increasing you protein intake.


remember muscle weighs more than fat honey!

I've checked when it was my 4 month and i gained 78 1/2, not much but its a start. i get the weight again in a few days so i can't wait to see how much i've gained. And weareallhuman thanks, i don't think we can get that in canada but i'll ask the doctor about weight gain and w/e when i get the see whoever shows up in 4 weeks (not gonna see the family doc no more.... DAMN PERVERT) Lol well its true i'm not gonna get into that lol

try going to a GNC store. my dad goes there to help his body building... im sure there is weight gainer for the female body there. my sister was drinking a weight suppliment after recovering from herion and crack cause it really ate up her weight. wigh i could remember what the drink was called -"ensure" sounds like that was the name- but im only 80% sure on that. talk to a nutritionest and make sure you get all kids of bloodwork done-it could just be a thyroid problem and only a doctor would really know what tests you should go thru. good luck and hey thanks for adding me to your circle of friends:)

Its going very slow. The first 4 weeks i gained 1 pound the next 4 weeks i stayed the same. the three week is in another few days so i'm hoping i gained at least few more pounds

Hows it going so far? :)


nice. good luck^^!