Will This Ever Change?

My name is Frank, I'm 21, 5'7" and about 100 lbs give or take a couple pounds.
I've not grown in height since 14, I also have weighed the same since about 16. 
Weight has always been something I struggle with, I don't have a big appetite so I don't eat often.
I do maintain my current weight pretty well on one meal a day or so, and I work out daily, not really 
into the cardio, because I'm not trying to burn calories. I lift weights and have for about 5 years, but
the gains were short lived. I wouldn't say I look like I weigh 100 pounds, just because I do have 
some muscle mass. Though It's still painfully obvious because of my small wrists and bony features.

I do know a lot about nutrition and health, but nothing has helped me. I figured "One day you'll grow like everyone else, and look normal" but that day never seems to come. Will it?   

^Me without a shirt, thought it might help to have a visual.
CapnxFrank CapnxFrank
18-21, M
1 Response May 17, 2012

Hey CapnxFrank you still around on here? are you still trying to gain weight?