I Am 18 Stone At 13

Hi I am a 18 stone 13 year old at 5 foot.
I love to be fat and started to want to gain at about 10. Because I felt thin compared to my sister( 12 at the time and over 170lbs) even though I was overweight.

My sister is now 15 and almost the same weight as me.
My parents are around 28 stone.
My weight timeline:
10 - 7 stone When I started to want to gain
11 - 10 stone
12- 14 stone
13 - 18 stone ( about 1-3 months ago)
At 16 I want to be 25 stone and at 18, 30 stone or more.
I love the way my belly hangs over my pants and my man boobs hangover my belly. I have fat rolls on my sides when standing up and a massive double chin!

Happy gaining everyone. Plapla1

plapla1 plapla1
18-21, M
1 Response May 29, 2012

Good luck and may you outweigh your parents!