Here We Go Again!

Ok. So to have gained over 50 pounds in a span of 5 years, may not seem that impressive to some of you on here that can probably gain that in roughly a year but to me that is quite good considering the amount the times in that span i have either wanted to lose or gain weight.

The main reasoning for all the constant changes is down mainly to the fact of what people would think. If i only thought of myself i'd probably be around 190 lbs by now but i'm not. I'm only 154 lbs.

I love the idea of having a nice round belly that jiggles, being overweight, eating what you like, when you like, weighing more than previously and even out growing clothes.

It shouldn't be about what you weigh or how you look, so that is why it is no longer about anyone else. It's about what i want. i'm gaining more weight for acceptence

As some may know i actually work at Mcdonalds and usually have about 4 per week. Forget about the crappy small meals at Mcdonalds, it's all about large. Making everything large, including myself. Here we go agian :)
Anonymousgainer Anonymousgainer
18-21, M
Dec 7, 2012