Want To Go From 119lbs To 200lbs

I am really desperate to gain weight. I currently weigh 119lbs and want to weigh 200lbs. I am 5"10 so I'm a tall girl which means I have to gain more pounds if I want the weight to show. I want to reach 200lbs really quickly. This is my weight gain plan:

Breakfast - One white toast with nutella spread - 204 cal
Smoothie [Nutella oats milk ice cream] - (300+142+100+200)+200) 942 cal
3 tbsp nutella, 8 tbsp oats, tbsp ice cream , 2 tbsp olive oil)

1146 cal (946 cal w/o olive oil)

Snacks before Lunch: 6 biscuits with nutella spread - 826 cal

Lunch: Pasta with cheese - about 300 cal
Snack: 3 Quesadillas with mayo and cheese - 2100 cal
Dinner - Either large portion of pasta with cheese or plantain with rice and stew - 400 cal estimate

Smoothie - 1146 cal (946 w/o olive oil)
If not full eat biscuits with nutella spread.
Day's total: 5918 cal 

I have never tried macaroni and cheese but I hope to try it as I hear it has a lot of calories. I hear mayonnaise is fattening too. If I get home schooled I can have more quesadillas with cheese so this will increase the calories.

I am desperate to reach 200lbs as soon as possible! Any more tips and advice? :)
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I added you just now. Do you still need tips?

add me plz! :)

sure! will do when I get on my laptop (on my phone) :)

fast food is your friend specially the dollar menu cheap and loaded with calories

Yup pretty much :p thanks :)

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Thank you :)

Well it certainly seems like you have done your research. Can I ask why you want to put the weight on? Crisps are packed with calories so always a good idea, Ice cream and chocolate are also good :)