6 And A Half Stone!!

Hi all recently I've suffered from severe depression and as a result my weight has dropped to 6 and a half stone and my folate is low, I'm 23 this year and I look really ill, I've been referred to a dietician but I could be waiting months for an appointment, any ideas on how to put some weight on? I've been drinking weight gain shakes from holland and barrett for the past few days on top of small portions of food but need something to really put on weight because for my height ect my ideal weight should be 9 and a half so with 3 stone+ to gain I need a lot of help
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I think this post was the time I don't have hope of gaining weight too. But after three months I could tell or advise you to do what I do. Try Gorite Diet. And read this book "use Gorite Diet to gain weight and curves. Best of luck.

leanne sophie I understand about stress. Over about 2 years I was losing weight through stress, trying to get used to environment, changes in moving. I have also seen a dietician, naturapath and blood tests. I am about your weight. My environment has a bigger living area now. Recently I have learnt one step at a time, not all at once and not to think what others think about weight or about have to because ... unless it is positive to your situation. Eating enough for you breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep up regular meals and not to be too stressed about how much you weigh - let it happen. Each meal to say it is breakfast time now. Easy to get my thoughts distracted onto other things and eat or not eat running into other meals. So now each meal saying its breakfast now etc.My husband good to talk to and those who are supportive. Hope all works out. Madonna Australia

Nutella and lard! I know how you feel. I too am underweight for my height and need to gain like 30lbs. It's so difficult.

How about exercise? Muscle is heavier than fat - so hitting the gym or going running or cycling? I know this will burn more food, but then it may make you eat more to sustain the muscle? This may not be for you, but is just an idea.

Also, one thing which guarantees I feel hungry is watching cooking shows or programmes. Like Masterchef, or Man v Food. I always want to eat something when watching those shows haha. May be worth a try - although some of the food on the programme Man v Food looks a little disgusting. You can probably find both those programmes online to watch if you want to.