Get Full Too Quickly, Gaining Is Impossible!

I'm desperate to gain weight but I get so full so easily. I can't push myself or I will throw up. I want this more than anything. I can't drink shakes because I'm lactose intolerant. Really don't know what to do! I won't give up because I really want this and it's necessary for my health anyway.

Arghhh! Naturally chubby people don't know how lucky they are :(
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Try Gorite Diet. Read this book "use Gorite Diet to gain weight and curves. It will help you, hopefully because it helped me, eat little and gain more.

i know how you feel, i'm the same way. try spacing out your eating and have multiple meals throughout the day instead of trying to get it all down in one go. also be sure you're not just chowing down on empty calories. potato chips and ice cream have a lot of fat, yeah, but they're not gonna do much for you if your body naturally can't hold on to those extra pounds. try avocados, nuts, and lean protein like turkey or fish. and when you get thirsty, have some fruit juice; there's a surprising amount of calories in most juices.
hope this helps! :)

Thank you so much!