TOO Skinny!

Hi everyone. I have been trying to find a support group for people who want to gain weight.  I knew I was not the only person who felt they were too skinny! I am 5"6 and 114 pounds. Its gross! I feel like a little girl and I am 26  years old. it seems like everytime I do gain weight ( only happens when I am pregnant) I lose it so quickly! The problem is there are no support groups for people like me, only for people who want to lose weight, but its unhealthy to be underweight too! I had to join sparkpeople ( a diet group) just to be able to track my calorie intake but everyone is all snooty cause i am trying to gain weight not lose it so I dont talk to anyone I just use the calorie tracker to make sure I am eating enough calories a day. If anyone has some tips on how to gain weight, let me know! Thanks, Dawn

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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

Hey...not sure if you're on here still as you posted this in 2009, but thought I would comment since I have the same problem as you. You're right, when you try to talk to people about it (because you need to talk about it), they just look at you like oh you should be lucky you don't have to lose weight. But what they don't understand is trying to gain weight can be just as hard, if not harder to do than trying to lose weight. Just recently I went through some problems in my relationship that stressed me out so bad that I lost my appetite for a week, and lost 5 lbs in 5 days. I know that doesn't seem like much, but when I am only 98lbs at 5'3 tall, to go down to 93lbs that becomes quite a problem. You could notice it right off the bat, and I have been struggling to gain the weight back ever since. One thing I have been doing every morning is drinking a breakfast shake that has all of the vitamins and is about 300 calories per drink. You can buy them in different flavours, I personally like the chocolate one the best. I find this helps gradually gain the weight back and it really helped to get my appetite back. I just guzzled it back for about a week once a day and I have been eating like crazy ever since. I do normally have a great appetite though and still have issues with gaining weight so I am keeping this breakfast shake in my diet every day, and I've noticed I'm started to put on some weight. Also, don't try to gain weight by eating at fast food places and all of that, it may work but it's the wrong kind of weight gain and could cause more problems later on down the road. Healthier calories are the way to go. Anyway good luck with everything and I hope you found this helpful. Take Care.