I got a surprise in the mail yesterday from a dear friend. (I will no longer be referring to ‘HER’ as former or ex girlfriend. ‘SHE’ henceforth shall be known as my dear friend.) It was 2 Ani Difranco CD’s and a T-shirt. Oh to get such a surprise could melt a snowman’s heart! Now I have all of these great songs and a T-shirt I will wear tomorrow without time to pre-wash it first! I just can’t wait to wear it! Between the 2 CD’s it will take a long time to tire of them both.



Also, it will be almost 60 tomorrow and Sunny! I’m feeling my Irish luck returning to me after a long struggle with Karma and bad ju ju. I’ve been praying, practicing various mantras, walking the earth, and inviting peace, love and healing into my heart. Though I continue to face challenges every day, I am discovering peace from within more and more each new day.


I look forward to summer more than ever. I put a coconut air freshener in my car because it reminds me of whatever tanning lotion my sisters and mother used when I was a child. It reminds me of summer, sun, all good things.


I am holding good things close to my heart and learning from the challenges as much and when I can. I trust that things will work out. I have to enjoy life. That is my top concern right now. As the Ani Difranco song says, “So, I’ve myself a new mantra. It says Don’t forget to have a good time!”  ..

Aw8ingf8 Aw8ingf8
26-30, F
Feb 19, 2010